Another year, the OpenLivingLab Days is calling to the the Living Lab community and innovation enthusiasts to contribute to the agenda of the conference by submitting a workshop proposal. The evaluation committee will select high quality, hands-on and interactive workshops to shape the agenda of the conference during the workshop days.

During the workshop days you will have the opportunity to bring your topics to the table, in a true bottom-up manner, fostering community-driven innovation and paving the way for meaningful discussions, co-created ideas and solutions, as well as potential future collaborations.


8 MARCH: Official Launch of 2019 Call for Workshops

17 APRIl: Deadline for Submissions

7 MAY: EXTENDED Deadline for Submissions 

6 JUNE: Evaluation results communicated to applicants who responded to the first deadline
17 JUNE: Evaluation results communications to applicants who responded to the extended deadline

1 AUGUST: Deadline for purchasing workshop organiser tickets at reduced price


We invite applicants to submit workshop proposals for one of the 8 workshop tracks below

Health and Well-being

Green, Energy and Mobility

Artificial Intelligence and Disruptive Technologies

Urban and Rural Living Labs

Social Innovation and Inclusion

Culture and Education

EU and Policy




In addition to the tracks, we are looking at how your workshop submission contributes to the overall theme of the OLLD19 conference “Co-creating innovation: Scaling up from Local to Global”. Applicants are encouraged to showcase special consideration to the theme of the OLLD19 conference in their workshop submissions. Workshops may either be drafted in alignment with [co-creating innovation] or [scaling up from local to global] or if possible, both. Applicants are asked to write a short explanation to explain their workshop’s connection to either or both of these themes.


We will also ask about the SCALE of the topic you are handling at the workshop. The different scales that may apply to your workshop topic are:

  • District
  • City
  • Metropolitan
  • Rural
  • Regional
  • National
  • Cross-border
  • International


We encourage applicants to team up with other Labs when proposing a session! You may also be contacted post-submission to discuss the opportunities of combining similar workshops together. To make your proposal stronger, consider teaming up with other Living Labs already in your application!

Each applicant is required to submit a proposal for a 90-minute workshop. In addition to the 90-minute workshop submission, applicants may also provide a proposal for a 120-minute or 180-minute (double-slot) workshop: the evaluation committee will consider granting longer time-slots for exceptional, high quality workshops.


This year we are offering a Special Conference Fee to accepted applicants by registering as “Workshop Organisers” to take advantage of a reduced ticket price. A maximum of 5 tickets per workshop apply, and these tickets may only be purchased by the workshop organisers themselves: those, who are indicated in the application form as facilitators of the workshop. You may not add additional workshop organisers to take advantage of the reduced ticket price after the application period has ended.

If your application is rejected you may still take advantage of the reduced Early-bird Conference Fee until June 30, 2019.

You may also be connected to other workshop organisers to collaborate together on a joint workshop.



All workshop rooms will be organised in “table groups” style. Each table will count with ±6 chairs, and there will be several groups of such table formations. If you have a restriction to the maximum number of tables that you can facilitate at your session (for example, to the number of table facilitators available & required by the methodology) you can indicate the maximum capacity in the application form. All workshop rooms are equipped with the tables & chairs and a presentation screen. In addition, a materials kit is placed in each room, containing pens, post-its, papers etc. standard workshop materials. If your workshop requires any materials not present in the materials kit you should bring these materials to the workshop with you. More information on the room arrangements, material kits and suggested printing venues in Thessaloniki will follow after the evaluation results have been communicated to participants at the beginning of June.



Workshop proposals will be evaluated by the OpenLivingLab Days Organising Committee based on various criteria including: quality and level of details of the proposed idea, theme of the workshop, its relevance to the conference themes and the overall balance of the conference program.

Submit your workshop application HERE 

*In case of not having a G-Mail account, or prefer not to use it, submit your responses HERE.

Additional information is provided on the form.