13 years of OpenLivingLab Days

The first OpenLivingLab Days event (then known as the ENoLL Summer School) was held in Paris in 2010. Since then, every summer, ENoLL organises the annual summit of the worldwide Living Lab community. OpenLivingLab Days is the flagship event of ENoLL and is hosted by a different Living Lab each year. OLLD was hosted in Paris, Barcelona, Helsinki, Manchester, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Montreal, Krakow, Geneva and Thessaloniki. Because of the global pandemic the 2020 and 2021 edition, known as the Digital Living Lab Days, were held digitally. In 2022 the event was back in its physical form in Turn, Italy. The 2023 edition will be held in Barcelona, Spain. 

A look back

Turin, Italy 2022

The 2022 event, back in its physical form, was held under the theme “The city as a Lab, but now for real!: Re-working open innovation environments for inclusive, green and digital transition through emerging technologies”. More information can be found here. Access the 2022 Conference proceedings

Digital Living Lab Days 2021

The second Digital Living Lab Days was organised under the theme “Change the future together: Co-creating impact for more inclusive, sustainable & healthier cities and communities”.  See the event report and conference proceedings. 

Digital Living Lab Days 2020

Digital Living Lab Days its the digital version of the event held online, due to the health & safety restrictions and travel banes experienced globally in 2020. Theme of the digital edition was:”Connection people & technology towards the citizen-centred digital future”. See the event report and conference proceedings. 

Thessaloniki, Greece 2019

We welcomed a record number of participants to the 10th edition of the OLLD. Mayor of Thessaloniki welcomed the participants. For the second year, the Scaling-up Challenge was organised and newly established ENoLL’s Action Oriented Task Forces presented their objectives and expanded their reach.  See the conference proceedings. 

Geneva, Switzerland 2018

In the city of the United Nations, the OLLD focused on Sustainable Development Goals. We had the honour to welcome Under-Secretary General of the United Nations as a keynote speaker. More in conference report

Krakow, Poland 2017

The Living Lab community migrated to Krakow, where the OLLD was hosted in the impressive venue of Krakow Technology Park under the theme “Multiple Helix Innovation Without Boundaries”. The event is summarised in this report

Montreal, Canada 2016

As the Living Lab community expands, the OLLD event grows with it and moves to another continent. The theme of the 2016 edition is “Citizen Driven Innovation: Developing the innovation system that empowers everyone to innovate.” Highlights in pictures

Istanbul, Turkey 2015

Basaksehir Living Lab and Basaksehir Municipality hosted the sixth edition in the largest Turkish city. See photos that were captured during the event or read the conference report

Amsterdam, The Netherlands 2014

OpenLivingLab Days hosted in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. First parallel session within OLLD for the francophone living labs lead by F2L. More in pictures

Manchester, UK 2013

ENoLL, together with the Manchester City Council (MDDA), organised the 4th European ENoLL Living Lab Summer School in August 2013. Highlights of the event are presented in the conference report

Helsinki, Finland 2012

Laurea Living Lab hosts the third summer school in Helsinki

Barcelona, Spain 2011

Second Summer School takes place in Barcelona hosted by CitiLab

Paris, France 2010

ENoLL Summer School kicks-off in Paris providing an opportunity for the Living Lab community to meet and exchange best practices