The future of urban center mobility

The future of mobility: co-create innovative solutions for urban centers


   SnailMob LAb is an mobility Living Lab based in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded by Isis Gouédard and Yves Zieba, it focuses on governance of smart communities and last mile mobility while using SDG innovation games amongst other collective intelligence techniques to foster ideas through experience and facilitate co-construction of a sustainable future. We will work on the case of Geneva, Switzerland deriving from international experiences. A similar challenge we presented was selected and experimented at Stavenger “Nordic Edge Expo” (september 2018) and we recently took part in Geneve 2050 consultation for mobility (april 2019). 

   We now want to derive best practices by unleashing the power of the quadruple helix at OLLD2019 to propose concrete innovative proposition to Geneve 2050 program.


    Share and compare best practices and international examples in mobility as a service solutions for last mile commute including success and failures. This workshop is fully aimed to co-create innovative solutions through ideation and game play. Starting locally with the case of Geneva (solutions to be proposed to Geneva 2050 program for implementation), we will be able to derive options applicable globally and or / similar cities. Moreover, the game experimented are used locally to consult public opinion at the city level and sould then be scaled at country level.


    We hope to derive concrete recommendations to submit to Geneva 2050 mobility program through collective intelligence using serious games. For participants, the workshop will be interactive, fun and foster co-construction and innovation while giving concrete illustrations of international experimentation (success and failures !) and networking opportunities. And there will be chocolate involved!


    We will offer an original interactive experience through an innovation game specifically designed to foster co-creation and creativity for last mile mobility solutions. The process will follow the three following key steps: idea generation, selection and matrix classification all the while using mix of innovative methodologies supported by nature-based transactional tokens


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