Living Labs Meet the Social & Creative Community


   Projects and entrepreneurs involved in the Social Innovation and Cultural and Creative Industries usually face difficulties in cooperating with each other to building real community-scale partnerships that improve the quality of the innovations generated. A study developed within the context of the TALIA InterregMED horizontal project for the Social & Creative community has shown the strong need for ‘collective learning’ to encourage the creation of new partnerships sharing common values around Europe. Within this context, LLs can support the development of trans-local socioeconomic ecosystems shifting the emphasis from the single local company to networks developing cross-sectoral services. In this sense, LLs scale up the innovation capacity of local and global stakeholders in the Social & Creative community.


   The main objective of the workshop is to provide a clear overview of Living Labs’ services relevant to support the work and activities of the Social & Creative Community active in the Mediterranean area and around Europe. During the workshop we will present both the ENoLL Learning Lab Programme and a Toolkit developed within the context of the TALIA InterregMED horizontal project to encourage creatives and policy makers to access a set of methods and tools to build and improve their capacity to innovate across a wide range of territories and thematic areas. A speed dating session will be also organised to enable projects and creatives to meet Living Labs from the ENoLL network to improve their work and results. Ultimately, the final aim is to provide a full set of services to the Social & Creative Community, including mentoring activities to implement LLs in their specific contexts.


The workshop will be a match-making exercise that will bring the Living Lab and the Social & Creative community closer. On the one hand, Living Labbers will provide mentoring services to the InterregMED projects or entrepreneurs working in the sector, based on their current and future needs. On the other hand, The Living Labs will learn about the TALIA Toolkit and all the methods they can use for developing projects in the Social Innovation and in the Cultural and Creative Industries sector. Finally, the InterregMED projects and the entrepreneurs will discover the Learning Lab Programme offered by ENoLL as an additional service for the ones who would like to set up a Living Lab.


We will use the following methodologies for this workshop:

– Demo/Video and Q&A: it will be used to enable the audience to learn about the TALIA Toolkit for the Social & Creative community. It will be followed by a short Q&A session

– Pecha Kucha presentations: a method method ensuring that presentations are fun, fast and interesting. Both modular projects and living labbers will be requested to limit their presentations to a maximum of 20 slides for 5 minutes each, 20 second per slide

. – Speed dating: this methodology will allow all participants to meet each other in a limited time frame and explore how they can support each other in the work of the Social & Creative community (both projects, individuals and Living Labbers). 20 people max for 10 tables during the speed dating with a total of 50 minutes for the session (5 minutes per table).

The methodologies used will support the participants to get to know each other and initiate collaborations relevant for their work.

Workshop Facilitators