The Virtual Learning Lab brings together a community of participants and experts in exchanging knowledge on the key elements of Living Labs. A course that will fast-track your learning through lectures and interactive sessions, a case study approach connecting theory to practice, as well as hands-on assignments to apply the learnings in your own context.

Why join the Learning Lab course

Learn about key components

Join the training to learn about the essence of Living Labs, their key elements and innovation processes


Expert Living Labs will share their experiences and steps followed throughout their Living Lab journeys


The sessions will conclude in actionable work where you will be guided to reflect & consider how these apply in your own setting


A holistic overview: key elements of Living Labs through a learning journey approach, including peer-to-peer learning and support

Virtual Learning Lab 2021

March 2nd 2021 – April 20th 2021

The 8-week Learning Lab Program combines:

  • Expert presentations, hands-on co-creative sessions and interactive discussions with real-life case studies
  • Hands-on assignments and application of learning materials to your own Living Lab case, in between the weekly sessions
  • Expert & peer-to-peer support and evaluation, learning from each other while networking
  • Dynamic & interactive environment facilitating knowledge exchange in various formats and learning styles!
  • Taking the first step in joining the community of Living Labs, interacting with like-minded people and organizations

The program consists of weekly scheduled sessions to attend as well as assignments in between the weekly sessions to apply the learnings in the various cases brought in by a diverse group of participants and experts. The collaborative platform allows for continuous feedback and interaction. Course attendees will also receive a repository of learning materials with e-courses, papers and publications and actionable methods and tools for Living Labs. 

Not able to join us in March?

The next Virtual Learning Lab will be organized in the Autumn 2021. Get in touch with us by using the contact form at the bottom of this page and we can reserve a spot for you at the next course, Virtual Learning Lab-autumn edition!

Price & timeline


Registration Open in January 2021
Places are limited, reserve your spot
16 February 2021 | Learning Lab course Platform access
Networking, Introductory materials
2 March 2021 | First Live session of the course
Starting date of weekly live sessions & weekly hands-on exercises
End of April 2021 | Closing of the Virtual Learning Lab 2021, spring edition
Certificate of attendance
Not able to join us in March? There will be a course in autumn 2021
Contact us to reserve your spot


There are three price categories: individual participants sign-up individually or with maximum 3 participants together. Small teams are signing up as a team of 4-7 participants. Large teams sign up as a team of 8 or more participants.

Individual participants

850 per participant - inc all taxes and fees
  • 1-3 participants

Small team

775 per participant - inc all taxes and fees
  • 4-7 participants
  • in addition to the discount, small teams follow the course as a team: completing exercises together as a team rather than as individual learners, applying learnings in their own case.
  • Joining as a team allows you to work on YOUR Living Lab case throughout the course, applying the learning directly.

Large team

700 per participant - inc all taxes and fees
  • 8 or more participants
  • In addition to the discount, large teams also follow the course as a team: completing exercises together as a team rather than as individual learners, applying learnings in their own case.
  • In addition to this, large teams are offered one free evaluation of their Living Lab at the end of the course upon completion of an additional final assignment (12 page Living Lab description to be evaluated by ENoLL Living Lab experts)

Learning Lab participant profiles

The Learning Lab – Day0 training has been up an running since 2017. Profiles of the participants from previous editions include:


  • Planning to start a Living Lab
  • How to apply theory into practice when it comes to setting up a Living Lab
  • Learning from successful real-life cases
  • Networking with participants + experts

Learning/science center

  • Looking for a full overview of Living Lab methodologies…
  • …to integrate the model in her existing citizen engagement practices
  • Preparing for ENoLL membership application

Living Lab

  • Attending Day0 as an onboarding training for his new position in the Living Lab
  • Aims to set up a parallel Living Lab in his area in the future

City Representative

  • Setting up her city as a Living Lab
  • Strengthening her knowledge on Living Labs…
  • …to apply for ENoLL membership again
  • Boosting her city as a Living Lab in the international context

Industry partner/technology park

  • Looking for several real life-cases and methodologies…
  • …and hands-on materials…
  • …to apply in his own context and local ecosystem
  • Aims to connect his ecosystem with European partners


  • Trainer on one of the Learning Lab modules
  • Looking forward to exchanging & learning from others, too!

(Publicly funded) project partner

  • Aiming to support setting up LLs in the project
  • Looking for support in Living Lab set up and management, quadruple helix engagement & governance

(European) policy representative

  • Attending the training together with the full team…
  • …for assessing the feasibility of setting up a Living Lab
  • Looking to experience (virtual) co-creation in action



Any questions? Contact us


If you pay with credit card, the registration platform (eventbrite) will send a tax invoice automatically for all payments made directly on the website (by credit card, paypal, SOFORT, iDEAL or Bancontact).

You can also choose payment by invoice (bank transfer) in which case you use the same platform (eventbrite) to confirm your registration, and wait for us to send you an invoice for payment. The TAX invoice sent automatically by eventbrite in this case will not be sufficient, please wait for us to contact you with a complete invoice.

The place of supply is Belgium and not where you – as a customer – are established.
Because of this we have to charge VAT (unless you can send us a document to proof you have an exemption of VAT of your national tax agency)
You don’t have to pay the tax to your national tax agency, but we have to pay the tax to the Belgian tax agency, where you as a customer can ask back the amount of the VAT once a year.

All sessions are recorded and available to all participants. The hands-on exercises are provided to all participants to complete between sessions and the course platform is designed to facilitate interaction and networking between participants even outside of the live sessions.
Participation in the live sessions is valuable, but not obligatory.

The event platform will allow the creation of teams, so rather than participating as an individual you can also participate as a team in the learning journey. This would mean that all of you would be able to join the live sessions – but those who can’t join all sessions will also have access to course materials and recordings in between the sessions. It will also mean that all of you can complete the assignments together as a team, rather than completing the same assignment individually for each person.
Registration to the virtual learning lab is personal: purchase as many tickets through the registration platform as you have persons attending from the team

The weekly sessions are planned as 2,5 hours each, running from 10-12:30 CET every Tuesday, from 02 March until 20 April. The time spent on learning outside of the live sessions depends on each individual: the weekly assignments are planned as rather quick, max. 30-minute exercises to reflect on the learnings in your own case. At minimum, a participant should expect a 3-hour workload on a weekly basis for the duration of the 8 weeks. In addition to this, participants have the option of spending additional self-study time with hands-on assignments.

Some assignments given during the live sessions are
not fully completed during the sessions themselves, allowing participants to spend additional time in between live sessions to fully complete hands-on templates in applying the learning in their own case. Other hands-on templates for self-study are
also provided on the course platform.

For those looking for an intensive learning journey, the course platform will offer additional course materials (featuring dozens of hours of watching, listening and
reading materials to dig deeper into the topics).

There is no registration deadline – tickets are available in the registration platform until 2 March 2021. However, a limited number of tickets are available, get yours before they run out!

The certificate of attendance is given to all participants in the course as proof of participation in the course. There are no exams or final scores. Participation in the course is personal, and the certificate of attendance will be provided to the participant personally.

Looking to certify your Living Lab? More information on how to certify your Living Lab here:

The Virtual Learning Lab is hosted on a web platform called “howspace”. This platform is based fully on the web browser and does not require any kind of application download.


The weekly live sessions are hosted on the call platform “ZOOM”. ZOOM also allows you to join the live sessions from your browser without the need of downloading any additional programs – however, downloading the ZOOM application on your computer is encouraged as this will improve your experience of the session as a participant.

In the Virtual Learning Lab, if you are joining the course together with colleagues you can form a team. A team is made up of minimum 4 participants (if you are joining together with colleagues but have 3 or 2 participants in total, you will join the course as

Small teams consist of 4-7 participants. When joining as a team your learning journey will be designed for your team in a way that the assignments during the live sessions will be completed within your team: you will have the time, during the sessions, to apply the learning hands-on in your own case.

While individual participants will be working together on a set case – an ‘imaginary Living Lab’ – your team will work together on YOUR Living Lab case.

Large teams consist of 8 or more participants. Joining as a large team will similarly allow you the benefit of working on your own Living Lab case, but also offers a free evaluation of your Living Lab at the end of the course. Teams joining with 8 or more participants will be given an additional final assignment – a 10-page description of their Living Lab at the end of the
course – that will be evaluated by ENoLL Living Lab experts. In this case the evaluation fee is included, at no extra cost, in the price of the large team package.