Let’s talk about air!

We all need to breath clean air! Acting locally winning globally! Supporting decision makers in creating regional policies and legal acts thanks to using design thinking methods and tools.


Air pollution is a significant threat to human health and the quality of life of millions
of people worldwide. Each city has creates its own unique way of facing the problem of air pollution and implements variety of tailored tools and instruments to improve the situation. Air pollution is also a significant and difficult challenge for Malopolska region. Krakow itself is highly ranked on the list of worst polluted cities all over the world. As it has so bad impact on the inhabitants, business and tourists, the situation has pushed regional authorities to take decisive activities to significantly lower the air pollution in the region.


The main objective of the workshop is to gather different approaches and best
practices generated by living lab community representing different countries, cultural codes, objectives, environment and financial conditions. The workshop will focus on:
 defining ideas or solutions coming from living lab community that could be
introduced to improve air pollution
 developing new concepts that will include different perspective
 collecting existing best practises
 identifying and mapping overlaps
 defining ideas that can be used during the Smogathon 2019 in Kraków

With this workshop we want to show how challenges in mobility, clean traffic zone
and effective information campaigns about air pollution can be dealt with the
involvement of creativity of varied participants. The results of the workshop will be
integrated in further activities of Krakow Living Lab during hackathon dedicated to
find out as many as possible products and services improving air pollution. Thanks
to a broad international audience we will gather inspiring best practises beyond the
national scale.


Krakow Living Lab Team expects obtaining unique and inspiring know how and
practical hints how to deal with air pollution on the regional/local level. Thanks to
involvement of the wide ecosystem represented by living labs originating from the
quadruple helix and dozens of countries, KTP Team assumes to create a catalogue
of good practices that could be implemented in Krakow, Malopolska and Poland.

The participants of the workshops will benefit also as we will:
• Identify varied processes of involving inhabitants in decision making processes
• Create a catalogue of good practices from different countries
• Prepare a bank of possible solutions to improve air quality


Based on the ideas identified by inhabitants of Malopolska region that took part in
the workshops and consultation meeting organised by Krakow Technology Park, we will invite participants to search for new innovative solutions of air pollution problem. The participants will be working in 4 thematic groups, each of the group will focus on its own challenge. Involvement of participants representing different culture, background, professions we will boost creativity and stimulate co-creative process.



If you find some time before coming to Thessaloniki, here above you will find some
useful link that will let get familiar with the situations on air pollution in Krakow and
Malopolska Region. But do not worry, if you won’t find enough time KTP Team will
have a short introductory presentation before we start working with you.

Workshop Facilitators

Agnieszka Włodarczyk-Gebik

Project Manager at Krakow Technology Park

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