Local Visit: Teloglion Foundation

KEYWORDS: Art, Breast cancer
VISIT TIME: 16:00-17:00
MODE OF TRANSPORT: Bus to the local visit
(*a bus will be waiting participants in front of the OLLD venue;
the trip will take about 20 mins. Since the visit is in the city centre there will not be a return bus to the OLLD venue). 

What will you see during the visit

Teloglion presents the exhibition Anese Cho: Fragmentation, organized by the New York based curator Dr. Thalia Vrachopoulos. Cho has engaged with abstraction for many years utilizing circular forms. In this series Cho tries to uncover the suppressed and excluded female without simply interpreting but rather to demonstrate that her life is always in flux. Through her subject ‘’woman’s breast’’ she examines many connotations, signifiers and symbolisms. (aesthetic, medical, social e.t.c.). The artist and the curator will offer to the participants a guided tour.

In this short workshop based on Anese Cho’s exhibition, titled Fragmentation, participants will have the opportunity to recreate and reformulate the female body, by concatenate fragments of it’s being, as represented in our society. Through the newly born fragmented image, a new female body will emerge, a feminine figure that will bring elements from each piece of it, as well as from its creator. The challenge is to rediscover the meaning of the collages and find interrelations and interconnections.  


About the Teloglion Foundation

Teloglion Foundation was established in 1971 after the donation of the art collection and property of Nestor and Aliki Teloglou to Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The building was handed over to the city of Thessaloniki in December 1999 by Aliki Teloglou almost thirty years after the death of her husband, Nestor.

Teloglion’s collection, which was supported by donations such as that of Dimitrios Tsamis, Ioanna and Tonis Spiteris and many others, is of historical significance, since it includes important works that mark key moments of Modern Greek and European art. The quantity (about 8.000 artworks), the quality, the unexpected choices of works, as well as the bond that was forged between the founders and the artists makes the Teloglion’s collection one of the most important in Greece.