highlights of Olld19

Best Research Paper

Veli Pekka Niitamo award for BEST RESEARCH PAPER was given to: Nele A.J. De Witte, Ingrid Adriaensen, Leen Broeckx, Vicky Van Der Auwera and Tom Van Daele for the paper ”Cross-cultural Differences in Living Lab Research"

Best Innovation Paper

Veli Pekka Niitamo award for BEST INNOVATION PAPER went to Judith H.J. Urlings, Bianca Ceccarelli, Claire A.G.J. Huijnen, Paulette J.J. Wauben, Joke Donné, Ronald Van den Bossche, Alejandra Rios-Cortes, Koen Beyers and Vanessa Vankerckhoven for the paper "Creating an anonymous, at-home screening for sexually transmitted diseases sent by letter mail: the cross-border development of a standardized urine collection device and associated testing service”

Engaging locals

Through the local visits to Thessaloniki's innovation centres, the participants received in insight in the local community. Next to that, residents of Thessaloniki were invited to a Living Lab session and informal gathering with the OLLD participants.

Action Oriented Task Forces

At the Breakfast Session with Action Oriented Task Forces, participants could interact with their coordinators and join the ATFs.

Announcement of Next Edition

The 2020 edition of the OpenLivingLab Days will be held in Ghent, Belgium hosted by imec.living labs and De Krook.


"I had a great time and met many people (and made many connections!) who shared their knowledge and tips that were extremely useful for a budding researcher like me"

scaling-up challenge

Fast prototyping session aimed to reflect on starting, on-going strategic documents, projects and initiatives. The session was co-organised by the European Commission Directorate-General for Research and Innovation and the European Commission Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises. Report of the session will be available soon. 


The Learning Lab Day is a one-day training offered to starter Living Labs and other Living Lab enthusiasts in learning all about the key elements and operations of Living Labs.

For the first time in 2019, the Learning Lab Day program had two tracks:

  • Track 1 A Starter’s guide to Living Labs: Expert presentations and hands-on activities that aim to provide a comprehensive overview
  • Track 2 Intermediate/advanced level: Interactive workshops for those ready to take the next step along their learning journey, digging deeper into the topics of panel management & business models in Living Labs