Open Living Lab Days Scaling-Up Challenge

Scaling up challenge date and time: 3rd September 2019 14-17:30PM                                                                                                                                                Location: Concert Hall M2, Thessaloniki, Greece

   Inspired by the first edition of the SDG Cities Challenge taking place in Geneva in 2018, this year in Thessaloniki an extended three hours version of the large scale co-creation session will host 120+ participants working in parallel on different issues introduced by invited and selected table and challenge owners all reflecting on the main theme of the conference Co-creating innovation:scaling up from local to global.

   In the 2019 edition, 20 different projects, programmes and declarations are given the opportunity to connect their ongoing work, challenges, and future vision with the expert base that forms the ENoLL network and audience of OLLD19.                                                                                                                            In a nutshell it is a fast prototyping session aimed to reflect on starting, on-going strategic documents, projects and initiatives.

What it is?

  The Scaling up Challenge is a special opportunity, particularly tailored for institutions, cities and urban actors, project and pilot coordinators, living lab experts, methodology and experimentation developers to share, discover, debate and create their responses to challenges and boundaries related to scaling up, internationalisation, interoperability, replicability and more. 

   The workshop aims at transferring knowledge across different programmes that cities or urban actors with their civil servants, policy makers, Living Lab coordinators, academia and private sector are working on, looking for solutions to their individual and common challenges.

Who is it for?

    Through a 3h dedicated workshop, challenge owners will have the opportunity to interact with 6 experts of the ENoLL network and audience of the OLLD19 conference. The experts are hand picked to look for the best feedback and co-creation experience and make the most of this strategic workshop.

   Table owners are selected primarily to the event based on matching strategic goals of the table owner and the vision and mission of the living lab community and aimed outcomes of the conference.