Local Visit: Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab

VISIT TIME: 16:15-17:45
(*a bus will be waiting participants in front of the OLLD venue;
the trip will take about 15 mins). 

What will you see during the visit

The visitors of Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab will have the opportunity to discover novel technologies and innovative services in the transport domain that are developed within the ThessM@LL Living Lab.

Visitors will explore the ThessM@LL living lab and how it aggregates data from its eco system via different types of sources such as Low-cost smart city sensors:

  • 43 Bluetooth Devices Detectors,
  • Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems: 7 Cooperative Road Side Units and 4 Cooperative On Board Units,
  • Loops and Cameras,
  • Floating Car Data,
  • Smart Traffic Lights,
  • Urban Buses Information,
  • Floating Train Data,
  • Digitized networks,
  • Points of Interest,
  • Facebook -Graph API

Data from the aforementioned, multiple sources are combined to better understand any correlation and dependencies among them. The processing of these data leads to useful conclusions about current land use and reveals mobile mobility patterns that are used to predict traffic conditions. The data is available in the form of useful applications for the end user.

Among the information provided to end users are the following:
 Traffic status estimation based on data from multiple sources
 Travel time estimation along predefined routes
 Car and PuT routing services
 Infomobility services
 Cruise and intermodal passenger services
 Cooperative messages published for freight and passenger transport

About the Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab

Leaded by CERTH/HIT Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab encompasses an innovation eco-system for mobility including the Region of Central Macedonia, the Municipality of Thessaloniki, public and private transport and service providers and technology suppliers, aiming to provide technological solutions for smart sustainable mobility and support innovative enterprises in smart mobility issues.

The Living Lab is one of Europe’s largest Living Labs. The whole city of Thessaloniki is a platform for testing technological and innovative solutions for mobility, cooperative and autonomous vehicles and soon freight transport solutions. Thessaloniki is already included in smart cities in the mobility sector, being actively engaged with the end-users and relevant community stakeholders, which has been created over the last decade and is constantly developing.


Local Visit Location

Transport back to the city

A bus will be provided to the local visit and back to the City. 

Busses from the local visit to the City will have multiple stops:
– Stop 1: Vasilissis Olgas Avenue (500m away from the Concert Hall M2 – the OLLD venue)
– Stop 2: City Center – YMCA
– Stop 3: City Center – Aristotelous Square
– Stop 4: City Center – Vardaris

You can download the Map of return stops.