Start-ups & Emerging Technologies: hubs, policies and opportunities to boost vibrant local ecosystems in Italy and beyond


Thursday 22 September
11.00 – 12.30


City of Torino, CTE NEXT project ( ), in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Economic Development.


Sala Fucine


This panel explores the potential of emerging technologies enabled by 5G connectivity to boost vibrant local ecosystems for innovative start-ups and SMEs in Europe and beyond, starting from the leading example of the “Italian Emerging Technologies Support Programme”. 

This Program was born with the objective of carrying out projects of experimentation, applied research and technology transfer, developed also in collaboration with local authorities, relating to emerging technologies, such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), connected to the development of new networks generation.

Within this context, in 2021 the City of Turin was selected together with other 5 Italian cities to host on its territory a “House of Emerging Technology” called CTE NEXT and thought as a diffused technology transfer hub on 5G enabled technologies in relevant local strategic sectors such as Smart Mobility, Urban Air Mobility, Industry 4.0 and Smart City Services.

The panel will catalyze the debate about how cities can be an actor in the innovation value-chain in the area of emerging technologies applied to urban challenges creating favorable environment for talents and innovative entrepreneurship and thus contributing to the co-design of “Future Urban Services”.

An opening keynote speech about the concept of “Start-up – Cities” will animate a comparative debate about city-led approaches for acceleration of start-ups and technology transfer towards SMEs in the area of emerging technologies by Turin and Rome Houses of Emerging Technologies, with a focus on the role of “Urban Testing”. 

Turin’s approach will be represented both by the City authority and by a testimonial of the wider local partnership. Indeed, Intesa Sanpaolo innovation Center will elaborate about how a big bank can be a relevant innovation partner within the local innovation ecosystem also in the view of positioning Torino as a start-up friendly city at international level, for instance attracting international accelerators like Techstars.

Then the perspective will be opened up to explore different challenges and  approaches of other EU and Extra-EU Cities, namely Riga, Rotterdam and Baltimora. 

The panel will then be closed with the European Commission perspective about upcoming initiatives and funding of the “Connected Europe Facility – Digital” about 5G for Smart Communities in the current financial period 2021-2027.


11.00-11.05 Opening Greetings by Chiara Foglietta, Deputy Mayor for Environment, Digital and Ecological Transition, Mobility, Innovation 

11.05-11.15 Keynote Start-up Cities: a new model for the cities of the future (10 mins) Nicola Farronato

11:15- Topic debate (Italy)

  • The Italian approach: Turin and Rome Houses of Emerging Technologies in comparison ( 30 mins)
  • Turin House of Emerging Technologies: Elena Deambrogio (City of Turin), Vincenzo Antonetti (Intesa SanPaolo Innovation Center)
  • Rome House of Emerging Technologies: Alessandro Piperno and Paolo di Giamberardino (City of Rome)

11:45 – Topic debate (International) The international approach: Baltimore, Riga, Rotterdam (30 mins) 

  • Colin Tarbert, President & CEO at Baltimore Development Corporation
  • Viesturs Celmins, RIGA City Council
  • Jochem Cooiman, Digital Innovation Officer, City of Rotterdam

12:15 – Conclusions The European vision of the CEF 5G (15 min)
Eric Gaudillat (European Commission)


  • Chiara Foglietta, Councillor for ecological transition
  • Nicola Farronato, Smart city expert and Entrepreneur in residence for Techstars Cities of the future 
  • Vincenzo Antonetti, ISPIC
  • Elena Deambrogio, CTE NEXT
  • Colin Tarbert, President & CEO at Baltimore Development Corporation
  • Alessandro Piperno, CTE Roma
  • Viesturs Celmins, RIGA City Council 
  • Jochem Cooiman, Digital Innovation Officer, City of Rotterdam  
  • Eric Gaudillat, European Commission, (DG CONNECT, CEF 5G)

Moderator: Nicola Farronato

Alessandro Piperno

Program Director, CTE Roma

Colin Tarbert

President and CEO, Baltimore Development Corporation

Nicola Farronato

CIO, Immodrone

Vincenzo Antonetti

Head of Network Development of Innovation, Intesa Sanpaolo Innovation Center

Elena Deambrogio

Head of Innovation of CTE NEXT, the House of Emerging Technologies of Turin

Viesturs Celmins

Urban Planner

Eric Gaudillat

5G connectivity at DG CONNECT of the European Commission

Jochem Cooiman

Innovation officer for the city of Rotterdam

Chiara Foglietta

City of Turin's Councillor for Ecological and Digital Transition, Innovation, Environment, Mobility and Transportation