On the last day of the conference participants will have an opportunity to visits different spots in Turin and learn about its innovation landscape. Each study visit will guide you through different locations, therefore participants can only register for one visit. 

Study Visit 1 - Turin Technological Innovation Hubs

In this study visit we will discover together the places where technological innovation serves the city and its citizens: a unique journey through virtual reality, skyscrapers, digital totems, avatars, and humanoid robots. 

Among the destinations, we find is the House of Emerging Technologies in Turin, a project led by the City of Turin, funded by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development and co-funded by the main actors of the local ecosystem.

The goal of the project is the creation of a widespread technology transfer centre on emerging technologies enabled by 5G, capable of promoting the development of enterprises and urban innovation services for citizens and public administrations.

Length of tour: 4 hours and 30 minutes (9:00 am – 13:30 pm/2:00 pm – 6:30 pm).

Please, when booking your journey back home, consider that the timetable might vary slightly, depending on the traffic.


Within Officine Grandi Riparazioni (OGR), a thriving hub for creativity, culture, innovation and entertainment, we will discover a space dedicated to the contamination between different actors of local and international technological innovation. In this frame you will learn about Torino City Lab, a lab that promotes technological solutions to improve the quality of life and promote environmental and social sustainability on an urban scale.

This stop will lead us to discover the Mile of Innovation that visually identifies the innovative aspect of Turin. A straight mile of railroad pass where the headquarters of the main companies and organizations of technological innovation in Turin are located. We will discover important examples of urban transformation and the innovative realities of the city like Energy Center, Links Foundation and many others.

We will visit the skyscraper of Intesa San Paolo and discover the Innovation Center at the heart of a national and international ecosystem of innovation. Thanks to the presence of partners and startups we will discover the acceleration activities in the field of smart mobility and future cities. In addition, in this framework we will discover the governance, priorities and results achieved by Torino City Lab in its first three years of life.

Here we will discover together the central “hub” of the CTE NEXT project, the House of Emerging Technologies of Turin, and the first technology transfer center on 5G and emerging technologies of the city. We will visit also the temporary installations: totems with avatars, humanoid robots, etc.

We will visit the Competence Industry Manufacturing 4.0, a standard of national excellence in support of small and medium-sized Italian companies. It is dedicated to sustaining companies in their process of technological transformation thanks to a permanent training center providing economic support through the publication of calls for applications on the market. We will discover the Digital Factory Pilot Line and the Additive Manufacturing Pilot Line where companies can explore digital technologies that can increase production efficiency and business competitiveness through collaborative robotics, extended reality and artificial intelligence (AI) and much more.

Study Visit 2 – The “green line”

Let’s discover nature-based solutions (NBS) and the Torino’s food route in the suburban district of Mirafiori through the sites of European projects proGireg and FUSILLI, which use nature and innovative Living Labs for urban and food system regeneration.  

The stops include Orti generali, a place that regenerated the Cascina Piemonte area through the creation of 160 urban gardens of different sizes, the planting of more than 330 trees and continues to involve citizens in several initiatives, including the monitoring of biodiversity. 

Length of tour: 3 hours and 10 minutes (9:00 am – 12:10 pm/ 2:00 pm – 5:10 pm).

When booking your journey back home, consider that the timetable might vary slightly, depending on the traffic. 


In the heart of the Mirafiori district, we will discover a space open to citizens that hosts initiatives on circular economy issues and biodiversity monitoring proposed by informal groups, associations and third sector organizations. In this framework we will discover some areas realized thanks to the European projects of the city of Turin ProGIreg and FUSILLI, such as the green roof and the Kitchen Garden of the Locanda nel Parco.

More info: https://fondazionemirafiori.it/spazio-wow

Near the Mausoleum of Bella Rosina, we will see the castle remains with the flowerbeds tended by citizens and augmented reality showing the castle as it once was.

We will discover a space where young innovators experiment with a technology of vegetables’ cultivation in aquaponics that promises to revolutionize and at the same time support the production of natural products.

A vegetable garden aimed at offering a space also for the meeting and involvement of citizens in many initiatives, including the monitoring of biodiversity. We will discover nature-based solutions (NBS) and visit some of the 160 gardens, including collective gardens and educational gardens which hosts workshops open to citizens.  

Il tuo orto a Torino

Study Visit 3 – Industrial Reconversion and Turin Social Innovation Hubs

In addition to observing some illustrious examples of industrial conversion, this visit will bring participants to discover the innovative soul of the city of Turin also from a social point of view. 

In fact, one of the visit’s stops will be Open Incet: a former disused electric cable factory of more than 10,000 square meters that has become a state-of-the-art Open Innovation Center. Today, the Open Innovation Center of the City of Turin is an international hub dedicated to transforming ideas, research, and technology into shared values for the territory and its economic and social actors.

Length of tour: 3 hours (9:00 am – 12:00 pm/ 2:00 pm – 5:00pm). 

When booking your journey back home, consider that the timetable might vary slightly, depending on the traffic. 


We will discover together a special hub dedicated to transforming ideas, research and technology into shared value for the territory and its economic and social actors. In this setting we will learn about the two souls of Open Incet: Manica Sud, a service center that houses a policy design laboratory, and Manica Est, which hosts businesses and startups that collaborate with each other to generate social impact.

We will discover Nuvola Lavazza, designed by the architect Cino Zucchi, an important example of industrial reconversion and of a hub dedicated to social innovation. A space open to the city where there are, in addition to the Headquarter of Lavazza, an interactive museum and spaces dedicated to events, experiments and business.

Finally, we will walk through Viale Ottavio Mai to explore the Tonite Project installation, an important example of urban redevelopment in the Aurora district and urban transformation of the city. We will discover a new public space of aggregation, relationship and sharing rendered available to the University, the neighbourhood and the entire city.