Race to zero emissions and pollution: projects, practices and recommendations


Friday 22 September
15.45 – 17.15


Green Transition


ENoLL AOTF Energy & Environment, Valentino Piana


Sala Àgora


In this session we present in a very active way the work promoted by projects like LIFE-BECKON, oPEN Lab, Metabuilding Labs, SWEET Lantern, and other practices in Living lab oriented to zero emissions, zero pollution, and climate change sustainable adaptation. In particular, we shall share speed-up registration to the Urban Transitions Mission Centre and to the networking activities of the presented projects, so to make this day a pivot in your activity.


Valentino Piana (Moderator) – From the « why » to the « how »: the self-propelling dynamics of extending practices to make the difference
Mauro Ostinelli– How to stimulate the deployment of Energy Communities across Europe with practical, yet structured, advice
Dr. Salem S. Gharbia – How to integrate smart technologies and nature-based solutions for resilience
Germain ADELL – How the EU-wide network of testing facilities & innovation services for new building envelope technologies & products can work for you
Thomas Meister – How to accelerate the transition towards climate neutrality
Joelle Mastelic– How to remove obstacles to sustainable social practices
Karel van Oordt Montalvo – How to draw on (and contribute to) a vast array of great urban practices
Roundtable – Activating the network together


Valentino Piana

Green Transition Track Chair

Mauro Ostinelli

Energy Efficiency and Facility Management Specialist; Representative of LIFE-BECKON

Dr. Salem S. Gharbia

Leader of the H2020 SCORE project and Principal Investigator and Head of Department at Atlantic Technological University

Germain Adell

Deputy Director International Strategy and Development NOBATEK/INEF4 METABUILDING LABS Project

Thomas Meister

Research Associate at Department of Geography, Ruhr University Bochum & TRANSFORMER Coordinator

Joëlle Mastelic

Full professor, HES-SO, Switzerland

Karel van Oordt Montalvo

Co-responsible for the UTMC Knowledge Repository & Project Coordinator at Eurocities