Comparing the City Living Labs, from large cities to small urban centers


Wednesday 21 September
11.00 – 12.30


City of Torino through its platform initiative “Torino City lab” ( ) & ENoLL (European Network of Living Labs) 


Sala Fucine


City labs are a wonderful way of empowering innovation in a holistic and inclusive way, involving all stakeholders of society in creating long-term impacts for the city and to empower the green and digital transition. The forms and activities to spread change and engage citizens can be various: from high technology to art.

However, doing so is never easy, so let us inspire you with examples and best practices of city labs from Europe and beyond. 

This debate will explore then different approaches, strategies, governance models as well as challenges and bottlenecks of some leading examples such as Turin (IT), Eindhoven (NL), Nantes (FR), Guenalguacil (SP)  and Nagoya (Japan).

A final debate, starting from a keynote speech, will seize the gap between testing and adoption, with a focus on the role of public procurement of innovation and its relationship with the living lab approach.


11h00 Welcome and  introduction “what is a City Lab” illustrated (also) by examples from Eindhoven – Wim De Kinderen 

11h10 Presentation Torino City Lab – Elena Deambrogio

11h20 Presentation Nantes City Lab – Benoît Cuvelier

11h30 Presentation Genalguacil City Lab – Miguel Angel Herrera Gutiérrez

11h40 Video presentation by Nagoya City Lab

11h50 Round table discussion with Eindhoven, Torino, Nantes and Genalguacil – moderated by Wim De Kinderen

12h05 Keynote speech – Video of Gabriella Racca

12h20 Observations, reflections and conclusions from an EU perspective – Laura Hetel

12h25 Thank you and goodbye – Wim De Kinderen

  • Elena Deambrogio, Torino City Lab
  • Benoit Cuvelier, Nantes City Lab
  • Wim De Kinderen, Brainport Eindhoven
  • Miguel Herrera Gutiérrez, Guenalguacil City Lab (SP) 
  • Toshio Sumi, Nagoya City Lab (Japan) – Video recorded
  • Laura Hetel, DG RTD, European Commission

Moderator: Wim De Kinderen, Brainport Eindhoven

Keynote Speaker
Gabriella Racca, UNITO, From testing to services: the role of public procurement of innovation.


Wim De Kinderen

Senior Professional in EU Affairs

Elena Deambrogio

Head of Innovation of CTE NEXT, the House of Emerging Technologies of Turin

Miguel Herrera Gutiérrez

Guenalguacil City Lab (SP)

Gabriella Racca

Full Professor of Administrative Law at the Department of Management at the University of Turin

Benoit Cuvelier

Co-coordinator, Nantes City Lab City team

Toshio Sumi

Director of Startup Support Office, Economic Affairs Bureau, City of Nagoya

Laura Hetel

Policy Officer for Future Urban Systems at the European Commission