We invite you to participate at the Social Dinner – a must attend event of the OpenLivingLab Days conference. The gala dinner will be held after the first day of the event, on Tuesday 3rd September. Transport will be organised from the OpenLivingLab Days venue to the Polis Convention Center where the dinner will be held. 

Located just outside of Thessaloniki, we will have a wonderful view of the city and the Aegean sea. On the arrival to the dinner venue, you will be greeted with a welcome cocktail. 

Transport back to the city

Busses will be provided to the Social Dinner Venue (Polis) and from Polis back to the City. 

Busses form the Social Dinner (Polis) to the City will have multiple stops:
– Stop 1: Vasilissis Olgas Avenue (500m away from the Concert Hall M2 – the OLLD venue)
– Stop 2: City Center – YMCA
– Stop 3: City Center – Aristotelous Square
– Stop 4: City Center – Vardaris

You can download the Map of return stops.

social dinner in pictures