Scaling up experimentation - Case of agile piloting in urban labs


11.00 – 12.30,  3 September 


Learn how to scale up experimentation in urban living labs. We introduce the Pocket Book for Agile Piloting with case examples and learnings. Sharing insights with peers in a facilitated workshop.


The culture of experimentation is breaking to the mainstream.
Numerous pilots and experiments of different size and scope are being conducted in diverse domains of smart city development. However, the full potential of experimentation is not harvested in many of the initiatives. The challenge of scaling up is often seen in a narrow way, merely from the point of view of scaling up individual services, technologies or solutions. All in all, scaling up should be addressed in the very beginning of the piloting process, not only in the end of it.

Agile piloting is a model for quick experimentation of new services in a real-world environment. Agile pilots are short, early phase low-cost experiments, with the main goal of learning together. More than 50 agile pilots have been run in different urban labs in Helsinki by Forum Virium Helsinki. In this session, Smart Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab in Helsinki share their experiences on running several agile piloting programmes for accelerating innovation and co-creation and experimentation with startups and wider urban community, with special emphasis on scaling up the impact of collaborative experimentation.


In this workshop, we share learnings on agile piloting programme from the Smart Kalasatama and Jätkäsaari Mobility Lab in Helsinki, Finland. We present how scaling up in an agile piloting programme can be defined. We discuss how to set the table for scaling up the impact of experimentation. We invite the participants to share their best practices, insights and experiences on co-creation and experimentation within urban lab context.



The results of the interactive virtual workshop will be delivered to the participants afterwards via email.

The pocket book for agile piloting for urban developers and facilitators of experimentation was published this summer. The pocket book is available online packed with a description of the process as well as concrete case examples. (Download the Pocket Book for agile piloting )


– The participants will gain learnings on facilitating experimentation in an urban lab context: what is scaling up and how to steer the piloting programme towards it. We present three perspectives for co-creating value for all the stakeholders with concrete examples from the agile piloting process in district urban labs.

– The Outcome of the session is a better understanding of the key aspects of scaling up the results piloting programme. The introduction comes from agile piloting, but the outcomes are applicable to any initiative dealing with piloting and experimentation in an urban context.


  • Welcome and objectives 5 min
  • Introduction (and questions ) 30 min
  • Presentation of participants on the digital board 10 min
    this first assignment will also give an introduction to use the digital workspace tool
  • Discussion in smaller groups 30 min
  • The participants are divided in smaller groups to enable discussion and connecting with peers, the discussion is documented on the shared board
  • Wrap up 15 min


The workshop is targeted for living lab practitioners, researchers or representatives from municipalities working with urban development, innovation and experimentation. We warmly invite anyone willing to facilitate piloting and experimentation in urban context to provide their contribution to the subject.