Living Lab Tools for the Co-Creation of Service Innovation Modelling


14.00 – 15.30, 4 September 


For participants to learn about and to use a new approach to modelling service environments developed in the Horizon20/20 Co-creation of Service Innovation in Europe (CoSIE) project.


The Living Lab approach introduced here is explicitly designed to support the ongoing challenges of scaling and sharing innovations in service and social innovation by foregrounding of the challenge of the innovation of relationships. Our starting point is that Living Lab work is conducted in a spirit of mutual sense-making and engagement through the creation of boundary objects from places to products or services. The Newcastle Living Lab has been designed to support stakeholders to reflect on a range of actors in the design and deployment of innovations and to orientate their assets, roles and responsibilities – and of others – within the complex environment upon which they operate. The core concept of the Newcastle Living Lab – and its associated approach – is built upon an understanding of co-production, social learning and management theories to support the creation and curation of evolving visual models.


The objective of the workshop is for participants to learn about use of the CoSIE CoSMOS tool’s potential to facilitate co-creation conversations that are necessary to commence nurturing and encouragement of mutual sense-making between stakeholders attempting to work together in complex contexts. From this, we wish to share the approach to modelling which has been developed in the CoSIE project that allows stakeholders (including service users) to generate, share and discuss issues using the visualisation approaches of the Living Lab.



Participants will be able to learn about, use and access the Newcastle Living Lab platform and CoSMoS modelling tool. Other potential outcomes are the development of an engaged user community using and providing feedback as to the necessary improvements of the platform and modelling tools.


We wish to develop our understanding of the toolset and platform that we have created and to therefore support to develop our engagement and communications process around the Living Lab platform and CoSMoS modelling tools.


Our 90-minute workshop structure is as follows:

Session 1: Background of the Newcastle Living Lab

  1. An overview of the Newcastle Living Lab methodology, origins and applications (including the context of the CoSIE project)
  2. An interactive demonstration of the Living Lab platform using multiple views.
  3. Feedback and Q and A

Session 2: Introduction and Hands-on the CoSMoS modelling tool

  1. Origins of CoSMoS, from pen and paper to development. We explain how the tool was designed and tested with the CoSIE project partners.
  2. Demonstration of current use cases and examples from their application in the CoSIE project.
  3. Feedback and Q and A

Session 3: Introduction and overview of CoSMoS

  1. Demonstration of CoSMoS. Based on the above background and subsequent evolution of the Living Lab platform.
  2. A walk-through of the CoSMoS tool using, multiple templates, by participants to model their own environments.
  3. Feedback and Q and A


This workshop is intended for a broad range of participants involved in the design and implementation of co-creation processes with a particular focus on service and social innovation. As a result of the tool’s project origins the current iteration of the CoSMoS modelling approach is geared towards those involved in service and social innovation activities in Public Sector, NGO or private organisations. However, the tool can be deployed in a range of contexts and those interested in the application of participatory approaches to modelling are encouraged to attend this session.