The evaluation committee has selected high quality, hands-on and interactive workshops to shape the agenda of the conference during the workshop days. You will have the opportunity to bring your topics to the table, engaging in meaningful discussions, co-creating ideas and solutions, as well as forming future collaborations. Workshops are classified under different categories, shown at the bottom of the page. 

List of Accepted Workshops at DLLD

Have a look at the list bellow to see which workshops will be at the Digital Living Lab Days. There are 20 to choose from! You can register for the workshops you would like to attend on the event platform. 

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Day 1 Workshops, 2 September


green, energy

This workshop will be focused on exploring orchestration models through theory and expert experiences

social inclusion

This workshop aims to provide the basics of data literacy combining theory and practice. By using co-creation, participants will develop an action plan on how to actually implement data strategies.

banner dlld - ILI workshop

During this workshop you will learn about validating and enriching the business model for the innovation ecosystems of (public) living labs in an interactive session with the experience of the participants in other living labs.


dominoes-4020618_1920 copy 2 - Kokrea Lab

The workshop will offer to experience a game designed to teach and improve conflict management through collective intelligence in a playful efficient way.

Asset 2-100

The workshop aims to connect arts, play, and education for children’s and young adults’ wellbeing – to help them manage the emotional imbalance and mitigate possible post-trauma.


Circular and Regenerative Cities: Opportunities and Challenges

This workshop has been cancelled

Day 2 Workshops, 3 September


Asset 7-100
culture & education

This workshop will focus on introduction and collaborative exploration of the “Anticipatory Technology Assessment Toolkit” (ATA-Kit) developed by members of

Reframe challenge to opp

Overwhelmed by change? What is it costing you? Are you even solving the ‘right’ problems? This interactive workshop will immerse you in the dynamic practice of collaborative discovery and reframing.

forum_virium_2 - Kaisa Spilling
green, energy

During this workshop you will learn how to scale up experimentation in urban living labs. The Pocket Book for Agile Piloting will be  introduced with case examples and learnings. Sharing insights with peers in a facilitated workshop.


social inclusion

This workshop will provide insights into  co-creation of new business models that contribute to socially and economically sustainable urban consumption spaces as living labs, drawing on the Reinvent Tourism Festival and participants’ examples


The aim of this workshop is to expand the CoP which has organized several webinars since the last OLLD. The objective is to facilitate distributed discussions across seven URBiNAT cities plus invited city living labs.

5D__1497 (1)

The aim of this workshop is to co-ideate different possibilities for evaluating living labs with qualitative data from the social point of view and to find tools for using and communicating this type of data in practice.


Global Lab Wave - Hank Kune

This workshop will help you explore how to leverage distributed collective intelligence in enriching online working environments, and how to effectively use these online environments to address real-world issues


 The objective of this workshop is to define «Health & Wellbeing Adaptive Digital Toolkits» for people at different ages with different physical and mental conditions. Adaptive Toolkits means that the content of the Toolbox can be changed depending on the needs of the person, by selecting from a pool/library of digital tools & services.

Day 3 Workshops, 4 September


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The workshop will introduce motivational goal models as co-creation process giving key stakeholders a strong voice. A two-stage process will be demonstrated leading to a visual goals model representation using software.

er-image - Laura Gavrilut

The goal of this workshop is to find out if Living Labs can be beneficial for (im)migrant service development and innovation, and if yes in what way could (im)migrants be directly involved


This workshop will identify promising ways to better appreciate how participants learn in living labs.


Asset 7-100

During this workshop you will learn how can we reach out to at risk target groups like disabled, deprived people or minorities.

social inclusion

Who do Avatars represent? What makes an avatar good or bad? During this workshop you will design avatars representing older adults and those with physical disabilities.

Asset 6-100

This workshop for participants to learn about and to use a new approach to modelling service environments developed in the Horizon20/20 Co-creation of Service Innovation in Europe (CoSIE) project.

Workshops Categories

Health and Well-being

Smart Cities & Regions

Artificial Intelligence

Urban and Rural Activities

Social Innovation and Inclusion

Culture and Creativity

SME & start-ups



Education, Social, Environmental and Economic Impact Assessment