Our event is a unique opportunity to walk through exhibition and poster areas, listen to inspirational speeches and participate in topic debates, interactive workshops, research sessions and site visits. Participants will have many networking possibilities, including a networking cocktail and a gala dinner. 

On 20 September, those interested in learning more about Living Labs can join the training programe – the Learning Lab (please note, this requires separate registration). 

On 21 and 22 September, we will bring the Living Lab experience to life through state-of-the-art research presentations, engaging activities and immersive visits of the selected booths. This will be the perfect occasion to share and promote the latest updates from the Living Lab community and establish one-to-one contacts 

On 23 September, participants will have the opportunity to take join site visits and side events to discover the innovation ecosystem of the city of Turin, a real City lab 



Interactive workshops are an essential element of the conference that is characterized by co-creation and hands-on collaboration. These forms of interaction pose an interesting challenge and a great learning opportunity for the participants.  

You will have the opportunity to bring your topics to the table, engaging in meaningful discussions, co-creating ideas and solutions, as well as forming future collaborations. There are 14 workshops to choose from. 

Research track  

Through the research track, the latest findings from the academic community are presented and discussed with the wider community.   

Site visits

As part of our OLLD22 agenda, we have prepared 3 exciting site visits in order to offer you the opportunity to discover the most interesting spots of Turin. The proposed visits include: 

  • Turin Technological Innovation Hubs
  • The “green line” 
  • Industrial Reconversion and Turin Social Innovation Hubs 

Exhibition booths 

A dedicated exhibition area will be taking place during the event, where you can meet and learn more about Living Lab initiatives and projects from all over the globe.  Showcase your organisation

The Learning Lab Day 0

The Learning Lab Day is a one-day training offered to starter Living Labs and other Living Lab enthusiasts, giving them the opportunity to learn all about the key elements and operations of Living Labs. The Learning Lab Day takes place one day before the OpenLivingLab Days (on 20 September) and will be open for subscription for both newcomers and experienced Living Labs with two different targeted programs. 

The Gala Dinner 

Organised in the evening of 22 September, the gala dinner will be a chance for networking, for giving recognition to those who have marked the Living Lab community with their work in the past year and for celebrating the 15 years of ENoLL.  

Newly certified ENoLL members will be publicly presented with a membership certificate and the first edition of the Veli-Pekka Niitamo award for best paper will be awarded.