Unleashing the Value of Living Labs for Resilient Water Innovation Economy


Thursday, 9th September, 11:30-13:00 CEST

The main goal of this session is to present the REWAISE first Methodology for co-creating Living Labs by implementing a “smart water ecosystem” approach. During the session, the participants will join an interactive collaboration space to co-create together the first REWAISE Living Lab methodology through an online tool called MIRO. The REWAISE competency groups will enjoy special attention around highlighted topics of their interest.

Participants will: 

  • Learn about stakeholder management, sustainability, governance and strategy challenges when setting up Living Labs.
  • Feed governance and operational challenges by embodying specific Living Lab personas and profiles (operational leader, knowledge broker, technical expert/practitioner.
  • Input to and validate the draft chapters of the suggested Living Lab methodology handbook.

With the aim to provide a new model towards a carbon-free water smart economy, REWAISE (REsilient WAter Innovation for Smart Economy) links a large network of 9 living labs, to demonstrate innovative technologies and operative strategies, enhancing social engagement, adapting normative barriers, removing obstacles for sustainable value chains, and developing common digital tools in a holistic approach of water-smart society. 

Living Labs are real-life, water oriented and demo type and platform-type environments with a cross-sector nexus approach, which have the involvement and commitment of multi-stakeholders (including water authorities) and a certain continuity (good chance to continue to their existence), and provide a “field lab” to develop, test, validate and integrate a combination of solutions, new business models and innovative policies based on the value of water. 

The Living Labs of REWAISE address different water sources, various water users, different raw materials, nutrients, bioproduct and bioenergy recovery, and 5 main governance models (Public Company, Delegated Public Management, Direct Private Management, Delegated Private Operation and Concession).



The REWAISE methodology focuses on a series of thematic areas:

  • The Value of Living Labs with case studies from different approaches for quadruple helix engagement
  • How to set up Living Labs around Europe and beyond, including governance models and stakeholder engagement methodologies
  • Real-life experimentation in Living Labs, exploring the importance of user feedback gathering and offering a set of best practices
  • Evaluating the impact of Living Labs, including the evaluation feedback and the socio-technological impact assessment 

11.30 – 11.40 am    Welcome and objectives
Frank Rogalla  – Aqualia, REWAISE Project Coordinator 

Beatriz Medina – WE&B, Governance, dissemination and social engagement (WP9 Leader)

11.40 – 11.55 pm    Living Lab landscape
Examples on setting up Living Labs focusing on stakeholders, sustainability, governance and strategy:  Zsuzsanna Bodi – European Network of Living Labs,  Living Labs methodology establishment 

  • Stakeholder management: GAIA Ocean Living Lab – TBC
  • Sustainability and Operations: Omer Onur – Basaksehir Living Lab Turkey
  • Strategy: Evdokimos Konstantinidis – ThessAHALL Living Lab Greece

11.55 – 12.35 pm     Setting up a Living Lab: Challenges ahead
Co-creative session to collect stakeholder management, sustainability, operations and strategy  issues when setting up a Living Lab. 

Session moderated by Zsuzsanna Bodi – European Network of Living Labs

12.35 – 12.55 pm   Water Living Labs methodology handbook co-creation
Visual collaboration session to plug and play the chapters of the Living Lab methodology handbook.

Session moderated by Francesca Spagnoli – European Network of Living Labs 

12.55 – 1.00 pm    Next steps and closing of the event
Frank Rogalla  – Aqualia, REWAISE Project Coordinator


Zsuzsanna Bódi

Senior Strategic Advisor and Innovation Officer

Evdokimos Konstantinidis

President, European Network of Living Labs, Thess-AHALL Researcher,

Ömer Onur

Managing Director, Başakşehir Living Lab