Universities in Transition: The University Campus as Living Labs, Citizen Science and Challenge-based learning


Friday 22 September
11.00 – 12.30


Social Transition

Living Lab Transition: Methodologies and Impact



CVC – UAB (ENoLL),  Fernando Vilariño
UPM, Guillermo del Campo


SUR 3-4


Higher Education in Europe and the World is under a profound transformation. The lower cost to access to information, in parallel to the development of mutual learning communities with high quality materials, provide actual feasible pathways to capacity building and skill development outside formal education. More and more, job interviews are putting in value personal assets such as software repositories, project portfolios, while official qualifications are taken as a secondary element. In this scenario the whole education system, and more particularly the Universities are facing the challenge to answer the following question: Which is the value proposition for the learners to attend physically to the University? In this session we will show how Universities have a great opportunity to adapt to this new reality with tools such a challenge-based learning, multi-stakeholder engagement, living labs and citizen science. On the one hand, living labs appear as enormous tool to develop the concept of “Campus as a living lab” as well as “living lab as a service”, developing the campus as an actual infrastructure for evidence-based learning and innovation. On the other hand, this the University can play a fundamental role in addressing the challenges arriving from the cities and communities, by developing the living lab activities in the real-life scenarios, and by engaging the communities as protagonists through citizen science. We will see both general frameworks and clear examples from both approaches, with the aim of advancing in the transition towards a new (higher) education system. We will invite a number of experts to propose their visions, which will be complemented with 4 more participants selected from a call for presentations (for more details on the submission deadlines, please consult this webpage regularly).

Session Objectives:

  1. Advance in the concept “The Campus as a Living Lab”.
  2. Identify pathways for Citizen Science as a building block of the modern higher education.
  3. Provide insights about the Challenge-based approach for learning, research and innovation.
  4. Understand the dimension of public engagement of the Universities in Europe and the World.


11:00-11:10 Welcome, presentation and Context (Fernando Vilariño, CVC-UAB, Catalonia, Spain and -ENoLL)

11:10-11:20 Universities and Challenge-based approaches (Xavier Ariño, Head of Strategic Projects UAB, Catalonia, Spain)

11:20-11:30 Universities and Citizen Science (Rosa Arias, ECSA, Science for Change)

11:30-12.00 Campus as a Living Lab (Jean-Marc Ogier Rector, Université La Rochelle, France. Video 

  • Manuel Villa-Arrieta (Tr@nsnet: A model for a sustainable university campuus living lab. Funseam, Spain)
  • Guillermo Delcampo  (IoTMADLab: UPM campus as Madrid smartcity living lab, Madrid, Spain)
  • Konstantinos Kourkoutas (Smart Campus UAB, Catalonia, Spain).
  • Sam Rye (Monash University, Australia

12:00-12:10 University Campus and the
Green Transition
(Joan Batalla, Funseam, Spain)

12:10-12:25 Case studies (Open Call at the OLLD website) Participants at OLLD will have a couple of minutes to showcase their case studies (Moderated by Fernando Vilariño, CVC-UAB-ENoLL) 

12:25-12:30 Closing of the session (**)


(*) If you are interested in contributing with a case, and participate in the final discussion, please send one slide to through the following form: https://forms.gle/uJiL9ZakQmQn2wzg8

(**) Once finished the workshop, participants will be invited to join a discussion with the objective of creating a workgroup on “Universities in transition” within ENoLL. The aim of the workgroup would be to shape a brief document summarizing the value proposition on the transformative role and potential impact of the joint use of challenge-based learning, citizen science and living labs as instruments for the Higher Education Systems.


Fernando Vilariño

Associate Director at the Computer Vision Center and Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science UAB

Rosa Arias

CEO & Founder at Science for Change

Xavier Ariño

Head of Institutional Projects - Rector's Office at Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Jean-Marc Ogier

Président at La Rochelle Université, France.

Guillermo del Campo

Technical Director IoTMADLab, UPM, Madrid.

Manuel Villa Arrieta, PhD

Researcher at Funseam and the Transnet project

Konstantinos KourKoutas

Coordinator CORE Smart & Sustainable Cities / Regional Specialization / Urban Innovation & Living Labs - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Sam Rye

Monash University, Australia

Joan Batalla

President of Sedigas / Director General of FUNSEAM