FORGING. Understanding the human dimension of emerging technologies


Thursday 21 September
17.50 – 19.00


Digital Transition 

Living Lab Transition: Methodologies and Impact


APRE, Livia Di Bernardini

i2CAT, Jordi Colobrans 

INL, Brigita Jurisic


SUR 10 


FORGING explores emerging technologies (ET) and their impact on society & environment. The WS discusses opportunities and challenges of integrating a human dimension in the development of ET and how this can be fostered through Living Labs.


70 minute workshop: Interactive and collaborative dialogue workshop: The workshop will be deployed with a problem solving method using interactive dialogue among four groups. The workshop is set up as follows:

  1. Presentation of practices carried out, lessons learnt and challenges ahead on developing the FORGING Forum
  2. Group work to solve current challenges: plenary conclusions

The interactive dialogue aims at sharing good practices & lessons learnt in identifying potential synergies to raise awareness on the FORGING project.

All the inputs provided by the experts and participants will feed and contribute directly to the project by gathering knowledge and inputs on “emerging enabling technologies” and through new and strenghtened collaborations between experts and FORGING (engaging them via the Forum).


17:50 -17:55 Opening & presentation

  • Brief remarks and introduction of the moderator
  • Brief presentation of FORGING project

17:55-18:00 Introduction to the workshop

  • Lessons learnt about how FORGING “Future Scenario workshops” on emerging technologies were organised and carried out.
  • Challenges of managing international collaborative workshops.
  • Questions for the 4 working groups

18:00-18:10 Short presentations and group distribution

18:10-18:40 Work in groups

18:40 – 18:55 Concluding remarks by experts (provide their takeaways from discussion) and wrap-up by the moderator

18:55-19:00 Closing and thanks


Brigita Jurisic

Business and Strategic Relations Officer at INL

Jordi Colobrans

Research Manager, Digital Society Technologies, i2CAT

Livia Di Bernardini

Project Manager at APRE