Transnational Living Lab on Local Energy Transition


Friday 23 September
09.00 – 13.00


2ISECAP (Institutionalized Integrated Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plans) Project, HES-SO, EnoLL, BPM, RUG, Commune Di Padova 


Sala Didattica


The objective of the “Transnational Living Lab on Local Energy Transition” Workshop is to engage cities in co-planning activities toward the goals of Energy Transition & Climate Neutrality. We will exchange methods and best practices with the international community of Living Labs.

During this workshop, the results so far of 2ISECAP project will be presented and assessed, and in particular the work performed on: (i) local and regional community initiatives and larger societal coalitions focused on energy transition and climate actions, in order to identify how they came to be, function and perform, their existing relations with formal governments, formal plans and policies, and how these relations affect the barriers and accommodation factors for their scale-up, (ii) the suitability of existing urban management approaches and spatial planning tools for introducing/facilitating sustainability and energy transition, in different area-based characteristics and in adapted ways to specific local needs, socio-economic conditions and environmental constraints. Further to the exchange and assessment of 2ISECAP findings, the ultimate objective of this workshop is to initiate a formal exchange and co-creation on the establishment of a Transnational Living Lab on local energy transition to act as a supportive structure for cities/communities for planning the energy transition and engage the civil society. The goal is to institutionalise the Transnational Living Lab as an environment of exchange and support for cities working and persuing energy transition and climate neutrality.


9.00 – 9.15

Welcome word and Presentation of the 2ISECAP project

Ioanna Giannouli

2ISECAP Project coordinator, BPM

9.15 – 9.30

Local Energy & Climate Coalitions: A definition, Barriers & Accomodation Factors

Christian Zuidema


9.30 – 9.45

Area Based Energy & Climate Planning in European Cities: Satus & Missing Elements

Allejandra Duarte


9.45 – 10.45

Hands-on co-planning: A Transnational Living Lab on local energy transition
Joëlle Mastelic

Professor of HES-SO, President of Energy Living Lab

10.45 – 10.55

Feedback of City of Torino as a potential follower city

Elena Deambrogio

Responsible of Smart City program, City manager of the City Lab of Torino

10.55 – 11.00

Conclusion & Next steps of the Transnational Living Lab

Ioanna Giannouli

2ISECAP Project coordinator, BPM

Moderator: Ioanna Giannouli, 2ISECAP project coordinator, BPM