Transferring digital health innovations: testing a readiness tool prototype


Wednesday, 8th September, 15:30 -17:00 CEST


Participants experience and provide feedback on the ProTransfer tool. This tool is created to assess the readiness of a care ecosystem and guide them to adopt new digital integrated care solutions.


Every day, innovative digital solutions are developed across Europe, responding to cross-borders needs. Many of them, though beneficial and measurable, may never be picked up by the mainstream. In other words, these best practices will never be “scaled up”, yet scaling up of digital Integrated Care solutions is a critical component in addressing the health needs of vulnerable populations. In the SEURO project we address what are  key factors necessary to prepare any region to successfully implement and scale an innovative, people-centric digital integrated health and social care solution.  In doing this we are further developing a transferability tool designed under the ProACT project (

In this workshop we present a prototype of this tool, designed to evaluate organisational/regional readiness to apply integrated digital care solutions. It is based on a three staged study combining analysis of literature and prior EU projects, expert interviews on barriers & facilitators and a Delphi study to validate and priortise the factors. The outcomes of this workshop will inform the next version of the tool. Findings and learnings will be published in due course.


We will present in an interactive format  a transferability self-assessment tool (ProTransfer) to assess organisational preparedness for digital solution transfer, and stimulate discussion on how to improve it.


– Knowledge of and experience with the current state of the ProTransfer tool
– Experience of an online workshop format for engaging experts with and evaluating a prototype of a tool
-Access to the research underpinning the development of the ProTransfer tool and to the research team involved in the project.



  • Welcome & intro
  • Create Personas -future users of  Tool 
  • Engaging with Tool
  • Evaluation of Tool
  • Moderated discussion in groups
  • Plenary
  • Closure

– Exploration of evidence-based factors relevant in the transfer and uptake of digital innovation solutions in the care sector.
– Contribute to the development of a process to facilitate the effective transfer of digital research and innovation solutions developed with and by Living Labs. 



The ProTransfer tool aims to measure the organisational readiness of care organisations considering the  implementation of new digital solutions to support integrated care.  Practitioners, business developers, innovators, and researchers active in Living Labs in the healthcare domain are invited to participate in this workshop, which will help inform the next stage development of this tool.