The theme of OpenLivingLab Days 2017 is “Multiple Helix Innovation without Boundaries”

Main protagonists of innovation-generating processes (industry, university, government, and, at a later stage, civil society) interact for accelerating the transfer of research and innovation results to regional growth.

The quadruple helix

The Quadruple Helix differs from the often used triple helix approach in the  inclusion of a fourth sphere/helix to the triple helix model. Additionally, in the deriving frameworks, sources of innovation are no longer restricted to interactions between university, industry and government. Rather, they become closer to the ‘spaces’ approach as well as more heterogeneous and socially distributed.

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Source: Apulian ICT Living Labs

At the OpenLivingLab Days, representative of the quadruple helix (University, Local Authority/Government, Companies and citizens) are invited to collaborate together to emerge with ground breaking, innovative solutions.

You can read more about quadruple helix approach in a study published by the EU Committee of the Regions titled “Using the Quadruple Helix Approach to Accelerate the Transfer of Research and Innovation Results to Regional Growth”