Thursday 21 September
15.45 – 17.15 (Part I)

17.50 – 18.30 (Part II)


Digital Transition

Living Lab Transition: Methodologies and Impact


CVC – UAB (ENoLL), Fernando Vilariño
Interiors Living Lab (ENoLL), Jaisiel Madrid
ACCIÓ – Catalan Government



Test-before-invest (Part I): The role of Living Labs in the Digital Innovation Hubs and Industrial Clusters


The test-before-invest approach allows for innovators to develop new products and services in a controlled scenario, with the aim of having an optimal solution prior to further rounds of investments, minimizing risks and providing much better suited results. The European Commission has identified the test-before-invest approach as one of the core elements of the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs), in which innovation and technology services are provided to SME’s. In this context, living labs arise as a powerful tool to tackle the approach to test-before-invest from a multi-stakeholder perspective, or, in other words: to target the wider market of systemic transformations. In this session we will provide clear examples on how living labs are appearing as enablers for the test-before-invest in real life scenarios, with specific emphasis in supporting SMEs. We will provide pathways to the further integration of classical innovation agents, such as industrial clusters, and we will discuss the most needed approaches to Citizen Centric knowledge valorisation and the relevant connections with testbeds, sandboxes and regulatory learning.

Session Objectives: 

  1. Project the current value proposition to SMEs for in the context of European Digital innovation Hubs
  2. Provide working examples of the value of “Living-Lab-as-a-service” in the context of EDIHs and B2Bs: how concrete services can be materialized from the most formal definition of Living Lab to the concrete/tangible actions, always connected with the common thread of “test before invest”.
  3. Provide an initial examples and roadmap for citizen centric knowledge valorisation in the context of test-before-invest.
  4. Propose clear examples of the benefits of the test-before-invest approach implemented with test-beds, sandboxes and living labs, used as regulatory learning tools-.
  5. Provide a starting point for the creation of a working group session during the networking session.


15.45 – 15.50 Welcome and introduction of the Session (Fernando Vilariño, CVC-UAB-ENoLL & Jaisiel Madrid, Ambit Cluster) 
15.5016.00 The European Digital Innovation Hubs and the test-before-invest approach (Sandra Pérez, EDIH4Cat & Alba Quer, EEN) 
16.00 – 16.05 Living Labs and test-before-invest in a Nutshell (Fernando Vilariño, CVC-UAB-ENoLL)
16.05 – 16.40 Selected Examples of SMEs applying the living lab approach in Spain
  • Ambit Cluster: Jaisiel Madrid
    + SME: Alba Méndez, Qualia Studio
  • Kid’s Cluster: Anna Lópe
  • Mental Health Cluster: Marta Sánchez Bret;
    + SME: Jordi Cabau, Group Saltó
  • Foodservice Cluster: Xavier Herreros, Arrusé Group 
16.40 – 16.50 The value of the contribution of research and technology Centers to the living lab approach with clusters (Christian Moscardi, Innovation Mager, Digital Society Technologies, i2CAT)
16.50 – 17.00 The implementation of living labs in EDIH Transilvania (Andra Tanase, Transilvania EDIH)  
17.00 – 17.10 Citizen engagement for knowledge valorisation: Testing, experimentation, Code of practice (Iphigenia Pottaki, Knowledge Valorisation – EC)
17.10 – 17.20 Living Labs as regulatory learning tools (Sven Schade, JRC – EC and Koen Vervoort, ENoLL) 
17.10 – 17.15 Next steps for Part II and Closing of the workshop (*) (Fernando Vilariño, CVC-UAB-ENoLL & Jaisiel Madrid, Ambit Cluster) 
(*) Once finished the workshop, participants will be invited to join a discussion with the objective of creating a document summarizing the value proposition of living labs for EDIHS. 

Test-before-invest (Part II): Towards a roadmap for the integration of living lab services in EDIH’s and Industrial Cluster


During the second part, we will discuss a potential roadmap for the feasible integration of living lab services in EDIHs and Industrial Clusters. If you are interested in attending the Part 2 of the session “Towards a roadmap for the integration of living lab services in EDIH’s and Clusters”, please send an email to fernando@cvc.uab.es.


17.45 – 18.00 Welcome and introduction of the Session (Fernando Vilariño, CVC-UAB-ENoLL & Jaisiel Madrid, Ambit Cluster) 
18.0018.30 Open discussion 
18.30 Closing of the session


Fernando Vilariño

Associate Director at the Computer Vision Center and Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science UAB

Jaisiel Madrid

Living Lab & Digitalisation Manager at AMBIT

Sandra Pérez

Head of Industry 4.0 ACCIÓ

Alba Quer

Enterprise Europe Network Team Leader. ACCIÓ, Generalitat de Catalunya

Marta Sánchez Bret

Cluster Manager, Mental Health Cluster

Anna Lopez

Cluster Manager en KID'S CLUSTER

Jordi Cabau

Innovation CTO Group Saltó

Alba Méndez García

Co-founder Qualia Studio

Xavier Herreros

Arrusé Group. Director General

Pau Pamplona

Senior Project Manager, i2Cat. DIH4Cat

Andra Tanase

Green and Digital Strategist and Skills and Future Competences Programme Manager at Transilvania IT

Iphigenia Pottaki

Policy Officer at European Commission - DG Research and Innovation, Unit Valorisation Policies and IPR

Sven Schade

Scientific Project Leader at European Commission, Joint Research Centre