Accepted Research Papers

Following the evaluation procedure, the OLLD evaluation committee has accepted the research papers. All papers reflect on the theme of the conference “Living Labs for an Era of Transitions: how human-centric approach is changing our lives” and have been classified according to its sub-topics. These are Green Transition, Digital Transition, Social Transition, Just Transition and Living Labs Transition – Methodologies & Impact.

Selected papers by the Evaluation Committee

A low-code crowdsourcing platform to support innovation and increase efficiency

Ilias Trochidis, Nikiforos Fasfalis, Apostolos Vontas, Andreas Symenonidis

Ilias Trochidis

Co-founder & Product Developer WABLI

Track: Digital Transition

Abstract: In their attempt to innovate, companies need to develop custom software products that in most cases need to be co-created with end-users. The use of a low-code platform can facilitate this process by allowing requirements gathering based on the real interactive mockups of the proposed solution that have been designed by non-tech users through the low-code platform. Through this co-creation phase, end-users can navigate on the real mockups and provide valuable feedback. After this co-creation/crowdsourcing phase with stakeholders, the owners of the platform (non-tech users) can easily transform the mockups to software code ready to be deployed. Living labs can consider the use of low-code tools to enhance their portfolio of services.

Keywords: Low-code, mockups, MVP, living lab services,innovation, requirements.