Public signature of the Terms of Reference for establishing the EU INTEGER Col·laboratory on Health and Wellbeing


Thursday 21 September






The Public Signature of the Terms of Reference (ToR) marks a significant moment in the evolution of the EU INTEGER Col·laboratory on Health and Wellbeing, bringing together representatives from diverse backgrounds to solidify their commitment to a groundbreaking approach in co-creating innovative solutions for societal challenges. This event is held in conjunction with the OpenLivingLab Days 2023 (OLLD 2023), as fruit of different strategic actions from ESSI and ENoL, and serves as a distinct session within the larger framework.

The intention is to illuminate the concept of the next generation of living labs to all participants, including esteemed signatory parties. Positioned as a Coordination and Support Action (CSA) under the auspices of the European Innovation Council (EIC), the session carries an intrinsic value in highlighting the essence of co-creation in a manner that aligns with the core principles of the INTEGER project – inclusiveness, horizontal collaboration, flexibility and adaptability.

The backdrop of the session is not one of mere protocol but rather a conscious effort to communicate a paradigm shift in co-creation dynamics. The driving force behind this approach is the quadruple helix model, wherein academia, industry, government, and civil society intertwine to catalyze innovation.

The ToR serves as the binding document that solidifies the partnership between the European regional living labs of Catalonia and Krakow, along with the long-term commitment to socio-digital and business innovation of Hamburg region, which is concurrently establishing its own living lab. Policy makers, while an integral part of this endeavor, assume their role within the quadruple helix with equal prominence as the other three helices.

The event is not confined to mere symbolism. It underscores INTEGER’s commitment to outreach and inclusivity. By being structured as a side event, the following session (17:50 – 19:00) paves the way for the participation of social innovators and entrepreneurs who challenge accessing funding mechanisms.

Notably, the participation of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia), is a testament to the significance of the ToR signing. As the signature ceremony unfolds, it will include representatives from each participating region and helix. Furthermore, the ceremony extends an open invitation to other organisations, encouraging a broader engagement in the

Col·laboratory’s journey. This step is underpinned by the principle of inclusion and the aspiration of long-term sustainability.

The signature ceremony will serve as a focal point for visibility, both within the context of OLLD 2023 and beyond. While the Col·laboratory’s session within OLLD 2023 is by invitation, this event takes on the dual role of being a symbolic public declaration while still accommodating the nuances of its participant structure.

The President and Director of ENOLL together with the Director of the European School of Social Innovation (ESSI) will welcome the Minister and other dignitaries, setting the stage for a subsequent session that further enriches the discussion. This cascade approach is designed to ensure continuity in the exploration of collaborative potential.

The Public Signature of the ToR for establishing the EU INTEGER Col·laboratory on Health and Wellbeing encapsulates a transformative force within the evolving landscape of societal innovation.


Session Objectives:

1. Provide the context of the seminal document of Terms of Reference.

2. Signature of the Terms of Reference.

3. Disseminate the initiative to attract new collaborators.


17.30h-17.35h Welcome and background information Ramon Maspons Bosch, Ministry of Health Catalonian Government, director for the strategy and Innovation

17.35h-17.40h Presentation project and Context Toñi Caro (i2Cat, ESSI)

17.40h-17.42h Context of the Open Living Labs Days and ENoLL Evdokimos Konstantinidis, ENoLL President


The Government of Catalonia’s commitment to digital social innovation Relevance of the signed agreement Sergi Marcén, Telecomunicacions and Digital Transformation secretary for the Generalitat de Catalunya

17.50h Presentation of the signatories and signature.


· Sergi Marcen, Telecomunicacions and Digital Transformation secretary for the Generalitat de Catalunya

· Artur Serra, deputy director at i2CAT Foundation

· Ramon Maspons Bosch, Ministry of Health Catalonian Government, director for the strategy and Innovation Health

· Kai Schnackenberg Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg; Ministry of Labour, Health, Social, Family Affairs and Integration. Deputy head of division for international affairs and innovation

· Natalia Bursiewicz Krakow Technology Park, Vice President of the Board

· Sergi Figuerola i2Cat Foundation, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, CTO @5GBarcelona

· Xavier Càmara Universitat Rovira i Virgili URV, Business Management Department director

· José Martí Valencian International University (VIU): (Vice-Rector for Research and Knowledge Transfer)

· Jaisiel Madrid, AMBIT – Living Spaces Cluster, Interiors Living Lab Manager

· Rosina Malagrida IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, , Head of the Living Lab for Health

· Xavier Pérez AEMA Foundation, secretary

· Jürgen Howaldt, Chair of ESSI (European School of Social Innovation)

· Evdokimos Konstantinidis European Network of Living Labs:, Leader of ASOSS Research Group at Medical Physics and Digital Innovation Lab, President of ENoLL, Project Coordinator VITALISE H2020, Project Coordinator RAISE HE.

· Toñi Caro (i2Cat, ESSI).INTEGER’s coordinator and National Appointed Representative in the Managing Committee. INTEGER / Net4AgeFriendly- International Interdisciplinary Network on Smart Healthy and Wellbieng in an Age-Friendly Digital World.