Proposal matchmaking session Culture & Creativity



Tuesday, 7th September from 14.00 to 15.15h CEST


Writing a proposal for EU calls is never easy, especially in the beginning where it is required to generate winning ideas and to create a valid consortium. This session aims to support all the living labs members to start drafting together a set of ideas by looking at several Horizon Europe calls for proposals related to Open Innovation. 

This Workshop constitutes a first occasion to work on a concept proposal, where a series of different main macro-areas, with a strong focus on user-led and open innovation, will be selected.

The workshop will take advantage of the “Rapid idea generation” technique for brainstorming sessions, as well as the “Brainwriting methodology” by using the miro online tool, to support the participants to draft, vote, select and discuss ideas. A series of abstracts and related consortia will result from the workshops, to enable the participants to directly start writing the full proposal at a later stage. 

The different ENoLL Action Oriented Task Forces’ leaders will drive the discussions in the various domains of their knowledge and expertise.


Jokin Garatea

Director of International Projects, GAIA