List of research papers that will be presented on the first day of OpenLivingLab Days and accompanied by lively discussions are:

  • Drop-out in Living Lab Field Tests: A Contribution to the Definition and the Taxonomy
  • City Logistics Living Labs  – an ecosystem for efficient city logistics innovation uptake.
  • An interdisciplinary community lab to facilitate citizen’s participation and health: an exploratory study in developing lab tools for research, education and practice in nursing, social work and gerontology
  • A Brief History of Living labs: From Scattered Initiatives to Global Movement
  • Systemic tools to better identify and understand stakeholder roles and relations in Living Labs
  • Spatial Analysis of Leading Circular Economy and Living Lab Cities
  • Living Labs Managing the Intra-Organizational Knowledge Exchange Process When Transitioning From Closed To Open Innovation
  • Outcomes of Open and User Innovation in Regional Development
  • Service blueprint model: a tool to improve the co-creation process in Living Labs


More information will follow soon.


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