Lunch roulette is a fantastic alternative to traditional and, let’s admit it, slightly boring conference break.

You need some additional motivation to socialise and lunch is not only an opportunity to eat something delicious, but also it is a great way to meet new people, be exposed to new ideas, and new organisations. Lunch roulette encourages communication to build valuable connections and sparkle innovation.

Lunch Roulette not only produces unexpected pairings but often sparks unexpected conversations

How it works

The rules of lunch roulette are very simple. During registration to the conference on Tuesday morning, you will receive a sticker with a number of meeting point and a colour of your future lunch partner. When lunch roulette starts, you will meet your new colleague at one of the designated places. Approach the first person with the same colour sticker as you and spend a fantastic break together, chatting and enjoying the meal.

One of the organisers will be there to facilitate the event and aid you in case of any doubts.


How to sign up

Already registered for OpenLivingLab Days? You will receive an email to a registration platform where you can choose to attend the lunch roulette & pick workshops

Did not register yet for OpenLivingLab Days? Lunch roulette will be added to the registration platform (starting 28 July), where you will be able to mark your interest



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