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Day 0 – Attendance By Invitation Only

Attendance at the Monday workshop titled “All you need to know about Living Labs (and did not dare to ask)” designed by Botnia Living Lab (Lulea University, Sweden) is by invitation only. For any further inquiries please contact ENoLL Office.

Workshop participants will receive training and gain insights in the following topics:

  • Welcome and Agenda (background and history of ENOLL)
  • What is a Living Lab? (Scientific foundation, Key components, Key Principles and Key Stakeholders, Types of Living Labs, Value of Living Labs, including short workshops/tasks)
  • How to start and sustain a Living Lab (Part 1: Budget, management, financing, competence; Part 2: Budget, management, financing, competence, including short workshops/tasks
  • Methods and tools in a Living Lab (practical examples)
  • Practical work with ENoLL applications – tips and tricks

ENoLL General Assembly will take place in the afternoon – from 16:30 until 18:30 at the Krakow Technology Park, Podole 60.

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