Participation beyond the usual suspects


Wednesday 21 September
11.00 – 12.30



Sala Mezzanina


This workshop will explore sustainability living lab’s participation strategies for a diverse audience by applying motivational theories. Interactions with physical and social data in school living labs will be the focus.  

Living labs are spaces to generate and make available contextualized knowledge of concepts such as energy management to stakeholders. For example, living labs could make accessible data on energy consumption and comfort which could inform and serve as material for school students and teachers to collaboratively teach and learn about energy management and translate it to act. Making data accessible means making it engaging to a group of people with different attitudes towards energy.  

Participants after the workshop will gain sensitivity to diversity of engagement profiles in living labs. They will acknowledge that different attitudes towards energy may result in relevant collaborative practices. They will gain this knowledge by piloting a practice-theory methodology and ideating engagement strategies. They will connect practice-based scenarios with motivational theories to explore solutions for a wider participating audience. The solutions will help to reflect on different types of collaboration in gathering insights, prototyping and evaluating community learning concepts in living lab settings.​