Screen Shot 2017-08-17 at 13.59.08Project Management and Organizational Development expert. Ömer Onur has more than 30 years of corporate experience by working most of his years in Ford Motor Company, Ericsson and Turkcell Communications at various management roles in the areas of Organizational Development, Quality, IT, Strategy and Project Management. Since 2012 Omer has been running Başakşehir Innovation&Technology Center (Başakşehir Living-Lab) focused in development of innovative products and services as well as supporting entrepreneurs and startups. Omer has a B.Sc in Production/Industrial Engineering from Aston University, UK and an MBA degree from Graduate School of Management, Melbourne University.

2002-2003 : Project Management of Crea-World, Ericsson Turkey. Crea-World was created as a incubation & development center for mobile applications in order to provide data revenues for GSM Operators in Turkey. The center incubated many Startups in the Mobile App world of Turkey and the apps were tested together with GSM Operators.
Since 2011 : Ömer has been a project team member of Başakşehir Living-Lab since 2011. From 2011- 2013 as Project Leader has been involved in Project Concept Development of Living-Lab, including ENoLL Application process and ENoLL Certification process. Since 2014 Ömer is a managing Director of Başakşehir Living-Lab which belongs to Başakşehir Municipality. List of Living-Lab Projects and Publications can be seen on the web site at Başakşehir Living-Lab is an Effective member of ENoLL.

Ömer has fair knowledge of ENoLL Members by showing active participation in annual ENoLL Living-Lab Days and as a volunteer in selection of new members since 2014. Başakşehir has also hosted ENoLL Living-Lab Days 2015.