Call for Workshops at OpenLivingLab Days 2023 

“Living Labs for an era of transitions:  How human-centric innovation is changing our lives”

At OLLD, workshops are dynamic and interactive. Led by expert instructors, our hands-on activities foster creativity and problem-solving skills. Plus, you’ll collaborate with other participants to create something unique. Join us at our next workshop for a fun and valuable learning experience! 

OpenLivingLab Days is hosted in Barcelona, September 21-23, 2023, featuring two full conference days with topic sessions and workshops, followed by site visits to local living labs on Saturday. 

Key characteristics. We are looking for workshops that are:

  • Interactive and practical rather than one-directional or theoretical  
  • Facilitating the active and equal engagement of all participants  
  • Support knowledge exchange – also between participants  
  • Provide real value for participants and equip them with solutions that they can apply in their living labs as well  
  • Produce tangible outcomes to ‘take home’ from the session  
  • Goal-oriented: presenting clear goals to be achieved during the session  
  • Dynamic and FUN  

Theme & Tracks

Following the theme of the conference, “Living Labs for an era of transitions”. Applicants are encouraged to showcase special consideration to the theme of the OLLD23 conference in their workshop submissions. 

More information about all the subtopics you can find here. 



Workshop proposals will be evaluated by the OpenLivingLab Days Workshop Evaluator Committee against the following criteria: quality and description of the proposed idea, the topic of the workshop, its relevance to the conference tracks, interactivity and methods used to facilitate engagement, knowledge exchange, and tangible outcomes, value for participants and solutions’ adaptability by others, and finally the overall balance of the conference program. 

Conference Fee

Workshop organisers enjoy a reduced fee for the conference under the ticket category “Presenters/organizers”. 

A maximum of 3 tickets per workshop can be purchased at this price category. These tickets may only be purchased by the workshop organisers and can involve only those who are indicated in the application form as facilitators of the workshop and who are actively involved in running the workshop, or as speakers. 

Interested in organizing a workshop during the Open Living Lab Days 2023 and sharing your meaningful experience with the wider community?

Please apply via this form and send the complementary materials to by 21 April 2023 

In case of any further questions, do not hesitate to contact the OLLD Team: