Next EDU - Demonstrations about the future of education


Friday 23 September
13.30 – 17.30


xEdu (and Fondazione CRT)  


Sala Duomo

Eight startups from around the world have been working and developing their products at OGR Torino since May at NextEdu accelerator program run by xEdu, the leading edtech accelerator.  Today they are demonstrating their learning solutions, many of which are currently being tested at Torino City Lab.  

Keynote “School As A Service” is given by Dr Jarmo Suominen. Mr Suominen was working with Kent Larson at MIT Living Lab in the mid 2000’s and was one of the key persons in the early stages of the Living Lab movement, helping to develop the European version of the Living Labs.  


Welcome; Massimo Lapucci or Matteo Pessione (TBC), Fondazione CRT 

Insights to the future of education, Antti Korhonen, CEO, xEdu 

Keynote; School as a Service, Dr Jarmo Suominen, Professor, Aalto & Tongji University 

Demos about new learning solutions by NextEdu startups