New domains and endeavors for living labs in applied health research and innovation


Wednesday 21 September
17.30 – 19.00


Laura University of Applied Sciences


Sala Fucine


The aim of this session is to present and discuss new domains and endeavors from Living Labs in Health and Wellbeing. Living Labs in the Health and Wellbeing domain have emerged as key actors for supporting the Research and Innovation of solutions in various aspects ranging from clinical research to societal challenges.

Participants of this session will learn about the emerging domains of Living Lab expertise and discuss the participation of Living Labs in Applied Health Research.  

The session will be structured as an active debate where the participants will be actively engaged and will be followed by a panel discussion.
At the beginning the participants will share their experiences and ideas about new attempts from the Living Lab community in innovative health and wellbeing domains. They will also be asked to structure the questions that will be answered by the panel.

The second part will be a panel discussion with the participation of people that are highly engaged in the Health and Wellbeing Living Lab activities but also in Applied Health Research.