Through the local visits, which were chosen by the host organisation, Thess-AHALL,  participants will get an insight into the innovation community of Thessaloniki. 

You will be able to choose one local visit which will last about 1,5 hours. Each local visit is located in a different area of the city and transportation to the visit and back to the city will be provided when necessary. 


List of Visits

American Farm School

Visit of the American Farm School living laboratory and overview of the work on creating a learner-
centric, participatory, action-based and action-oriented education and learning in agrifood system.

OK Thess

Local incubator founded by the Municipality of Thessaloniki. During the visit, you will learn how to pitch your Living Lab. 

Municipality of Thessaloniki

Smart City Design in Thessaloniki: An evolutionary agenda. Joint activity focused on the efforts of
the city to design and implement a smart city strategy in Thessaloniki that enhances the city’s economic,
environmental and social sustainability.

Hellenic Design Centre

The first Design Initiative in Greece will hold a workshop with LEGOs. 

Teloglion Fine Arts Foundation

Recreate in Art: reformulating the female body, by concatenate fragments of it’s being, as
represented in our society

Noesis Science and Technology Museum

Non-profit cultural and educational foundation that promotes Technology Culture and constitutes the proper environment for informing the public of the latest developments in Science and Technology.

Smart Mobility Living Lab ThessM@LL

The visitors of Thessaloniki Smart Mobility Living Lab will have the opportunity to discover novel technologies and innovative services in the transport domain that are developed within the ThessM@LL Living Lab.

Thessaloniki Active and Healthy Ageing Living Lab

Thess-AHALL is organizing an event where its local stakeholders’ network, the “Collaboration & Research Community for the Independent Living”, and the LLM Care ecosystem will share their experience from their collaboration with the Living Lab and their vision for the future of co-creation activities for the upcoming year. (THE VISIT IS IN GREEK)