Living labs as a tool for regulatory learning


Wednesday, 8th September, 14:00 – 15:15 CEST



This session aims to recast regulatory challenges as an opportunity for living labs to co-create regulations and standards that govern innovation. In testing new technologies and solutions, living labs frequently have to grapple with regulatory hurdles, ranging from data protection to public safety. In this session, we will explore how these regulatory implications can in fact strengthen the value proposition of living labs as a holistic innovation-support tool. Living labs can offer a context for experimenting with innovations and new rules in tandem, such as gathering evidence to inform and trial regulatory measures. The session will bring together perspectives of living lab practitioners and the European Commission to discover how living labs can generate regulatory insights, to learn about current practice, and to inspire the creation of living lab projects around regulatory aspects.

Welcome & Introduction

  • JRC Living Labs: a tool for regulatory learning
  • Using data collected in the public space. The origin of Eindhoven’s “Open Data Principles”

Panel discussion: How can living labs generate regulatory insights?

  • Joint Research Centre
  • e-Shock
  • DG Research and Innovation

Conclusions & next steps


Kaia Kert

Intellectual Property Rights and Technology Transfer at the Joint Research Centre

Maria Alonso Raposo

JRC Future Mobility Solutions

Matthew King

Head of unit for text and data mining at the JRC