Living labs as a tool for innovative resolution of conflicts


Wednesday 21 September
15.45 – 17.15


Krakow Living Lab
i2CAT Foundation


Sala Duomo


Living Labs emphasizes social and societal innovation that can be used to promote innovative solutions to current problems, building bridges and collaborations among people, regions, countries, and cultures.  

The current EU is also a lab, an open political experiment. It is the historical result of an attempt to solve a historical conflict by innovative means. Its founders proposed an innovative way to finish the disastrous cycle of wars between European nations, the so-called “methode communautaire”.  

In this session, we explore how European living labs can be used also to co-create innovative solutions for apparently irresoluble conflicts, like the Ukranian crisis or the climate change.  

3 cases where living labs can learn how to engage in innovative resolution of conflicts will be presented: 

  • “La methode communautaire”, the EU way to solving historical conflicts. What can living labs learn about it?
  • The current Ukranian crisis. How a Living lab in Krakow is acting helping to solve refugees’ problem. 
  • Preventing next European conflicts using creativity and cultural policies.  

The participants will learn about different approaches, best practices and techniques for managing these kind of crisis, the  citizens involvement and the living labs actions. 

New innovative ideas for managing the crisis and conflicts will be created.