Living Rural, working urban


Tuesday, 7th September, 14:00-15:15 CEST

How can living labs contribute to making rural life attractive? How to attract Digital Nomads?

The aim of this debate is to extract ideas about why it would be a good choice to live in a village under 20.000 population, opportunities, services, benefits, etc. While working in a more urban environment. The existence of a living lab in a little village should be a guarantee towards digital services, towards remote work, bank access, etc. 

People could have the best of two separated worlds: the city and the village.


Gerardo Romero

Head of the Foresight Area, Guadalinfo

Pablo A. Benavides Ortigosa

Local Innovation Agent at Guadalinfo project in Zafarraya

Ana González Domínguez

Working in the La Dehesa’s Guadalinfo LL

Pedro Fernández Menéndez

Project Coordinator at the Andalusian Rural Development Association

Marta Miranda García

Student in the University of British Columbia