Living Labs in Africa and international cooperation


Friday 22 September

15.45 – 17.15


Marta Martorell, I2CAT Foundation

Martina Desole, ENoLL




14:45 – 16:00 Welcome and introduction, Presentation by Marta Martorell (i2CAT) and Martina Desole (ENoLL)

16:00 – 16:10 Tunisian Living Lab – Project Presentation, Samia Chelbi (DigiArt Living Lab)

16:10 – 16:25 Experience of Senegalese agents with Living Labs, Modou Mamaoune Ngom (Director FDSUT)

16:25 – 16:40 Senegalese Living Labs, Artur Serra (i2CAT)

16:40 – 16:55 Project Manager Expertise France, Raphaëlle N’Doye (Project Manager)

16:55 – 17:10 The Catalan strategy for development cooperation, Yoya Alcoceba (General Director in Cooperation, Generalitat de Catalunya)

17:10 – 17:25 Q&A, ALL

17:25 – 17:45 Networking and end of session, ALL



One of the challenges living labs are facing in the current transition is its globalization. Africa is emerging as the last, or maybe the first, frontier in this era of transitions challenges.

This session continues the launching of the FDSUT project on living labs in Senegal, with the collaboration of i2cat and the ACCD, and the first AERAP Europe-Africa workshop on “Living Labs: an emerging area of collaboration between Africa and Europe” organized by ENoLL last March 9th,2023.

The goal of this open space discussion is listening different African living labs initiatives and learn from them: what are their challenges, their worries and hopes, their possibilities and their needs and exploring new models to collaborate with them in a more peer to peer way.


L’un des défis auxquels les laboratoires vivants sont confrontés dans leur transition actuelle est leur mondialisation. L’Afrique apparaît comme la dernière, or peut-être la première, frontière de cette ère de grand défis.

Cette session poursuit le projet de FDSUT avec i2cat et ACCD sur living labs à Sénégal, le premier atelier AERAP Europe-Afrique sur «Les Living Labs: un espace émergent de collaboration entre l’Afrique et l’Europe » organisé par l’ENoLL le 9 mars 2023 dernier.

L’objectif de cette espace ouvert est écouter quels sont les défis de laboratoires vivants en Afrique, leurs inquiétudes et leurs espoirs, leurs possibilités et leurs besoins et d’explorer de nouveaux modèles pour collaborer avec eux d’une manière plus peer to peer.


Modou Mamoune Ngom

Coordinator FDSUT. Senegal

Yoya Alcoceba

General Director in Cooperation, Generalitat de Catalunya

Ndeye Sokhna Ka

Coordinator Living Lab project. FDSUT

Artur Serra

i2CAT deputy Director, AOTF Social Innovation & Digital Rights lead

Samia Chelbi

Tunisian living lab

Raphaëlle N’DOYE

Project Manager

Martina Desole

Director ENoLL

Marta Martorell

Digital Society Technologies, i2cat Foundation Collaboratory Catalunya project