Living Labs for green digital solutions & smart zero pollution (invitation only workshop)


WEDNESDAY 21 September
14.00 – 15.30


ENoLL, CERTH/HIT, Energy Living lab




The session is focused on best practices related to the pollution reduction as identified through the activities of the EC-ENoLL JWG (Joint Working Group) Digital sustainability, including Zero pollution with the LLs (Living Labs).  

The new challenges for the cities and the goals of the EC will be presented and the cities and regions will have the opportunity to learn how they can achieve them utilizing the power of living labs as a tool. Important initiatives of existing Living Labs highlighting the key role of the Living Labs of the future (Living Labs 2.0 & Super labs) towards digital sustainability including zero pollution will be presented. The replication of the identified best practices and the implementation of joint initiatives will be among the core topics of the session.   


5 min: Welcome and introduction of the workshop (Josep Maria Salanova Grau, CERTH/HIT)  

5 min: The role of the European Network of Living Labs (Martina De Sole, Director, ENoLL)  

5 min: Joint Working Group on Digital for Sustainability, including Zero Pollution (Josep Maria Salanova Grau, CERTH/HIT)  

5 min: Mapping of the Living Labs across the different domains (Valentino Piana, HES-SO)  

5 min: The best practices of Living Labs (Georgia Aifandopoulou, CERTH/HIT)  

60 min: Interactive exercise  

5 min: Concluding remarks (Josep Maria Salanova Grau, CERTH/HIT)