Join us for the biggest Living Lab event of the year! This year, OpenLivingLab Days will be hosted by Kraków Technology Park – ENoLL effective member, in Kraków, Poland.

OpenLivingLab Days will follow the same, albeit slightly improved, format as in the previous years. New research on Living Labs will be presented, interesting speakers from the different fields will join us to shed the light on contemporary problems facing Living Lab practitioners and participants will be able to join interactive visits as well as actively participate in workshops and matchmaking activities.

What is new this year:

  • Differently structured workshops allowing participants to follow three-step learning process
  • 11th wave Members and ENoLL Council are invited to join us in Krakow one day before the event for an introductory session, Council workshops and ENoLL General Assembly
  • Quadruple helix approach
  • Interactive local visits relating to the workshops


Welcome words by ENoLL President Tuija Hirvikoski

During the Dutch Presidency of the Council of the European Union, Open Science became a priority on the agenda with the aim to open access to scientific publications and to allow the best possible re-use of research data. ENoLL has been nominated as a member of the Open Science Policy Platform (OSPP) and has been elected to be part of the three O’s strategy (Open Innovation, Open Science, Open to the world), including action lines of: Fair and Open Data; European Open Science Cloud; Almetrics;  new Business models for Scholarly communication; Rewards; Research Integrity; Open Science Skills and Citizen Science.

A hands on event with tangible outcomes of the 3Os initiative was the Open Science Conference in Berlin, that took place on 21-22 March, putting a special focus on Citizen Science. During the event and the OSPP meeting with the Commissioner Carlos Moedas (on 19-20th March) ENoLL, as an organisation that builds bridges between multidisciplinary stakeholders, emphasized the importance of both participatory research and open innovation, therefore it could play a major role alongside embracing other initiatives sharing same values and goals.

The European Network of Living Labs was established 11 years ago promoting citizen engagement, locally as well as internationally. The network and its community have long practical experience on cross-pollination of different types of scientific, technological, artistic and practical knowledge. Living Labs have the capacity and needed methods to orchestrate the cross-over innovation and experimentation processes. ENoLL members with direct access to the citizens have plenty to offer and help the European Union establish a connection with them. With scaling-up practice from local to trans-regional and trans-national communities, ENoLL and its members are creating bridges between different stakeholders and give access to simultaneous pilots and co-creation Europe wide and globally.

As a follow-up action and to give continuity to the Open Science movement,ENoLL and its members organise various workshops in the near future on « Open Science – Open Innovation focus » and analyse these topics with like-minded associations during its co-organised events and Open Living Lab Days in Krakow 2017. We are inviting you to get in contact with the association for the next steps and join us at our upcoming events!