INTEGER Regional Collaborathon - Catalonia


Thursday 21 September
17.50 – 19.00






This event will start with a brief presentation of the European INTEGER 4Helix Col·laboratory model that is being co-created to promote a novel way of collaboration between individuals and institutions from the quadruple helix in regional innovation ecosystems. The launch of EU INTEGER Col·laboratory on Health and Wellbeing responds to the need to generate stronger connections between regions and actors to maximise the potential of EU innovations.Session OverviewThe main aim of the session is to create working groups to further develop minimum viable products and services around the challenge titled: Health & Wellness for Life. Specific but aligned actions to improve life quality, with three strands:

Creative Challenge 1: Community building. Networks, activities and events
Creative Challenge 2: Digital Tools for wellbeing, health and sustainability
Creative Challenge 3: Focus on Senior potentials and needs

The INTEGER 4Helix Hackathon (Col·laborathon) will take place in two days:
 – September 21st – 18:00-19:00h.  Presentation of the challenges and quadruple helix dynamics
 – September 28th – A full working day in a hackathon mode with actors from the social and business driven innovations and the quadruple helix spectrum working on the identified challenges (Place to be confirmed).


17:50 – 18:00 Welcoming by event convenors
  • A. Serra (Deputy Director i2Cat Foundation) – Why do we need a European community like INTEGER?
  • T. Caro (INTEGER project co-ordinator) – Integrating social innovation in the European Innovation Ecosystem through a new governance model of quadruple helix
18:00 – 19:00 –Three regional challenge-based Collaborathons leveraging entrepreneurial and social value. The INTEGER project will organise 3 Col·laborathons, one in each of the three regions of the project, the first one in Catalonia*, starting with the presentation of the challenges and the co-creation dynamics during this session.

3 key stakeholders will introduce the challenges for the hackathon with 3 inspirational cases giving voice to the quadruple helix actors.

The main aim is to link social, business and technology-driven innovations with investors and funding mechanisms for social innovation to further develop identified Minimum Viable Products or Services.


Artur Serra Hurtado

Deputy Director i2cat

Toñi Caro

Senior Researcher i2CAT Foundation