How to engage citizens in co-designing the smart city? Interactive workshop to design and run your own data Datawalk and/or Datahunt


Friday 22 September
15.45 – 17.15


Digital Transition
Social Transition
Living Lab Transition: Methodologies and Impact


Maarten van Veen


Auditorium 1


In this workshop you will learn how to actively engage, as a public authority, with citizens about new technologies in the city. A ‘Datawalk’ and ‘Datahunt’ are new ways to make invisible assumptions about technology more visible and therefor negotiable. We will share our experiences in The Netherlands (Eindhoven) and Flanders (e.g. Brussel) with the Datawalks and Datahunts and demonstrate some tools to develop one for your own city. It will be fun!
The Knowledge Centre Data & Society (Flanders, Belgium), We are the central hub for the legal, social and ethical aspects of data-driven and AI applications in Flanders. The Knowledge Centre Data & Society is part of the third track of the Flemish AI Plan, aimed at raising awareness, training and development of ethical frameworks. / Pieter Duysburgh will tutor the workshop, he is the operational lead of the Knowledge Centre within the research centre imec-SMIT, VUB.


0 min–15 min  
          Preparation of room > workshop setup
15 min–45 min (plenary presentation):
          Welcome, introduction, aims of the workshop + introductory movie (5 min)
          Presentation of methods:
               o Datawalks Eindhoven & Flanders: (max 20 min)
                     ▪ Presentation Case study Eindhoven Datawalk – including dilemma’s (5 slides)
                     ▪ Presentation Case study Flanders (5 slides)
                     ▪ We comment on each other’s presentations: similarities and differences.
          Questions & Discussion (10 min)
45–80 min (in small groups (max 5) – facilitator circulate)
          -Step 1: briefly introduce yourself & get familiar with the datawalk materials (5 min)
               o Manuals & template
          -Step 2: formulate the goal of your Datawalk (5 min)
          -Step 3: explore the venue, take pictures of locations and places that could be included in a datawalk (10 min)
          -Step 4: discussion in small group: what locations will we include and what should be discussed at each stop. (15 min)
80-90 min
          Share reflection on creation of Datawalk & how the method can be used for citizen engagement.


Maarten van Veen

Strategy Advisor at the Municipality of Eindhoven and Coordinator of Stadslab Eindhoven

Pieter Duysburgh

Operational lead of the Knowledge Centre Data & Society at the research centre imec-SMIT, VUB

Michiel Vaes

Research and project fellow of the Knowledge Centre Data & Society at the research centre imec-SMIT, VUB