How living labs & human-centric approach can support the transition to soil health and agroecology?


Thursday 21 September
14.00 – 15.30


Green Transition

Digital Transition

Social Transition


Giulia Campodonico
Isabelle Couture
Dolinda Cavallo


Sala Àgora


Living Labs are a core element of two pivotal initiatives of the European Commission: the Agroecology Partnership to accelerate the transition towards sustainable, climate- and ecosystem-friendly farming practices, as well as of the Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” that will support the transition towards healthy soils by 2030. Putting people at the centre of the change, both the Partnership and the Mission support transformative changes in practices by all sectors of society in a joined-up manner.  

This session will provide attendees with practical insights into how effectively Living Labs can support the transition to healthy soil and agroecology across all types of land uses and scales.  

After an introductory overview from the European Commission and Mission Board, high-level speakers representing different perspectives along different land use types and value chains at European and international level will engage in a debate focusing on the role Living Labs can play.   

The attendees of the topic debate will have the opportunity to learn more about solutions, recommendations, lessons learned and relevant supporting initiatives.  


14:00 – 14:05 Welcome and intro (Giulia Campodonico & Martina Desole, ENoLL)

14:05 – 14:15 Presentation: The EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” Explained (Kerstin Rosenow, Head of Unit Research and Innovation, AGRI – Head of Mission Secretariat)

14:15 – 14:25 Presentation: People at the centre: Building a Soil Living Lab based on long term science-practices relationships and trust (Teresa Pinto Correia, Vice Chair, EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” Board)

14:25 – 15:20 Focus session & debate (Moderated by Giulia Campodonico, ENoLL)

  • Korinna Varga, OMKi Head of Agricultural Policy Research Group
  • Astrid Hannes, Policy and Project Manager ERRIN
  • Andrea Rubini, Director of Operations WaterEurope
15:20 – 15:30 How to support Living Labs and what’s next? The SOILL Framework Partnership Wrap up. (Giulia Campodonico, ENoLL)


Giulia Campodonico

Head of Projects ENoLL

Martina Desole

Director ENoLL

Andrea Rubini

Director of Operations WaterEurope

Kerstin Rosenow

Head of Unit Research and Innovation, AGRI – Head of Mission Secretariat

Korinna Varga

Head of Agricultural Policy Research Group, ÖMKi’s On-Farm Living Lab

Astrid Hannes

Policy and Project Manager at ERRIN

Teresa Pinto Correia

Vice Chair, EU Mission “A Soil Deal for Europe” Board