Gamechangers for citizens engagement in e-waste recycling


Thursday 22 September
14.00 – 15.30


Licalab, MINDLab (INTRAS Living Lab), Regional Development Agency Podravje-Maribor.


Sala Didattica


Understanding the societal relevance of electronic Health waste management, while participating in refining the living lab approach within the HEU-funded project DICE (DIgital health in Circular Economy)​ is the goal of this workshop. 

Understanding the value of stakeholder mapping and customer journey mapping in co-designing with citizens (e.g., the DICE value proposition) and share thoughts on the central roles of the Living Labs approach and participatory design of innovation in the transition to circular economy breakthrough​ are the key questions  

 Together with participants, nudging strategies to recycle digital health waste will be co-designed.​