These are exciting times in Living Lab and end-user engagement field, driven by continuous development of new Living Labs, new methodologies and new research concepts. Living Labs can be applied to many different fields and therefore the scope of the conference is wide and the program is jam packed.

DAY 4: Thursday, 9 September


Coffee session: meet with others

Are you an early bird eager to start networking? Do you want to informally connect with the other participants? Maybe discover common interests and experiences? Or just meet your peers?

Join one of our ‘lounges’ to have a quick chat before the official program. You can find the lounges on the left of your screen in your menu bar, in the conference platform once you´re registered and signed in. 


Opening of the day with Philippe Duponteil & Yves Van Seters

The fourth day of the conference will focus on the topics of Digital & Social Innovation and Living Labs for a greener future.

Track: Digital social innovation

Track: Living Labs for a greener future


TOPIC DEBATE: Developing innovation ecosystems

The session will focus on how Ecosystems can face the recovery towards the post-COVID digital society. The debate will tackle European Digital Innovation Hub instruments, examples of ENoLL living labs implementing the EDIH approach, and the perspective on co-creation reported by the OECD

TOPIC DEBATE: NextGen Cities: What will be the future of urban mobility look like?

Flying taxis, autonomous ground transportation and electric water vehicles. Here is a look at what our cities might look like in a few years’ time; discover the analysis of three experts on the potential of decarbonizing urban environments through action on transport modes. 


TOPIC DEBATE: Towards the development of a roadmap for Mobility Living Labs

The session will be focused on the results of the mapping of Living Labs that was executed within the Working Group on Mobility of the European Network of Living Labs which is leaded by Hellenic Institute of Transport-HIT. 

WORKSHOP: XAI alignment, A practice-oriented, multi-stakeholder approach for human-centred AI explanations

Learn a new tool to implement into your living lab when AI is a topic in a project.

WORKSHOP: Innovation Management in Living Lab projects

Get familiar with imec’s Innovation Board, its methodology and the online tool that helps you structure and focus your Living Lab projects. 

WORKSHOP: Unleashing the value of Living Labs for Resilient Water Innovation Economy

The main goal of this session is to present the Methodology of the REWAISE project and validate the co-creation methodology for creating Living Labs.


Lunch Break

You can join one of the lounges on the event platform and connect with other participants. 


TOPIC DEBATE: Enacting Digital Transformation for European Regions

During the session, the participants will join an interactive debate with the aim to improve digital transformations of European Regions and Cities, in collaboration between DT4REGIONS and the initiatives.

TOPIC DEBATE: Living labs, a dynamic tool towards zero pollution

The session will introduce the potential of living labs to drive the green and digital transition as set out in the EU Action Plan: “Towards Zero Pollution for Air, Water and Soil”. 


WORKSHOP: Applying Do/Be/Feel motivational modelling to an emerging digital daycare intervention

The workshops shows how motivational models, as a co-creation process, can align the views of key stakeholders with varying goals.

Research session

In this session track chairs Josep Maria Salanova Grau and Fernando Vilariño, will introduce the 6 submissions which were peer reviewed. Papers from two tracks will be presented:

  • Digital Social Innovation
  • Living Labs for a greener future

WORKSHOP: SCIROCCO exchange tool: assessment of barriers and enablers of open innovation ecosystems

Assessment of barriers and enablers of open innovation ecosystems


Closing of the day

In this session track leaders will reflect on their insights of the day and share the next steps.