These are exciting times in Living Lab and end-user engagement field, driven by continuous development of new Living Labs, new methodologies and new research concepts. Living Labs can be applied to many different fields and therefore the scope of the conference is wide and the programme is jam packed.

DAY 3: Wednesday, 8 September


Coffee session: meet with others

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Opening of the day with Louise Hopper

The third day of the conference focusing on Health & WellBeing and Challenges & collaborations for living labs will start with an inspirational talk by Dr. Louise Hopper (Assistant Professor in the School of Psychology at Dublin City University).

Louise Hopper

Assistant Professor in Psychology

Well being

Challenges & Collaborations for living labs


Standing on the shoulders of life champions

LL as technology infrastructures

New and innovative technologies, such as road traffic safety solutions or multi-material 3D printing, need to be tested and up-scaled before they can enter the market successfully. Technology infrastructures are facilities, equipment, capabilities and support services where industrial players can find support to commercialise new products, processes and services, in full compliance with EU regulations. On the other hand, Research Infrastructures are facilities that provide resources and services for research communities to conduct research and foster innovation. This session will try to enlighten the position of the living labs as infrastructures through the lens of the European Commission and other active actors in the domain


Let´s harmonize out living labs!

Cross-cultural imaginaries, collective agencies: exploring planetary health

Human Factors in living lab research: how to get started

Change the future together.
Co-creating global collaborations

Living Labs are becoming a global phenomenon. During this session we want to give you the opportunity to discover them global Living Labs and join the discussion on how different initiatives can work together to co-create global collaborations.


Lunch Break

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Clinical studies the role of living labs

Living Lab Makers

The Living Lab Markers are a tool to qualify and evaluate collective innovation processes with a user-centered approach. It allows to implement a participatory and user-centered project and carry out a continuous evaluation of the specificities of the methodology throughout the project.

Living labs as a tool for regulatory learning


Transferring digital health innovations: testing a readiness tool prototype

Research session

In this session track chairs Seppo Leminen and Abdolrasoul Habibipour, will introduce the 6 submissions which were peer reviewed. Papers from two tracks will be presented:

  • Challenges for living labs
  • Health & Well Being

SCIROCCO exchange tool: assessment of barriers and enablers of open innovation ecosystems


Closing of the day

In this session track leaders will reflect on their insights of the day and share the next steps.



We will end the second day of the event with an informal gathering.